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OIC Summit 2019: Despite Pakistan's demands, Kashmir not mentioned in the final Abu Dhabi Declaration

BusinessToday.In     March 4, 2019

While a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) passed two strongly-worded resolutions on Kashmir, it did not find space in the joint communique of the Abu Dhabi Declaration, the only document drafted by the host that is adopted by all the 57-member nations. The host country refrained from giving in to Pakistan's demands to include Kashmir in the final draft. According to India Today sources, Pakistan protested in every session on various issues related to India.

Like Pakistan, India too had asserted a lot of diplomatic pressure to ensure that Kashmir is kept out of the communique. Additionally, sources also mentioned that the UAE and Saudi Arabia had an important role to play in ensuring that "the guest" is not "embarrassed" and hence they allowed Pakistan numerous resolutions but ensured that Kashmir does not feature in the final document. There were, however, separate resolutions on Kashmir, India-Pakistan peace process, the recent airspace violation and situation of minorities in India.

 According to an official, "The resolutions don't reflect or need a consensus.  They are essentially national positions of individual countries. Many countries move resolutions of their own interest, most go unopposed."

When the joint declaration was adopted, two countries stood in protest - Iran and Pakistan. Iran protested the mention of "Iranian occupation of three Emirati islands", calling the process undemocratic and unfair.

The Pakistani delegation led by Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Raja Ali Ejaz had earlier protested at the OIC plenary for inviting India as guest of honour. India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was invited by the UAE counterpart Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Pakistan tried to get the invitation rescinded and even reached out to UAE and Saudi Arabia on the matter. Both the countries were conveyed that there would be no change in the decision to invite India and that Swaraj would be welcomed with "full honours" accorded to a guest.

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