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Multimode Marvel

Nidhi Singal     April 8, 2019

It cools, heats and cleans the air. As the name suggests, the latest air treatment device from the UK-based company is a multipurpose marvel that keeps the quality and temperature of indoor air at an optimal level all the year round, be it summer or winter.

A magnetic remote control with dedicated buttons and an easy-to-use Dyson app ensure excellent user experience. A standard Dyson device streams clean, cool airflow ('cool' does not mean it can replace an air conditioner) from the front and rear of its bladeless fan, but this one also packs in heating. The heating is thermostatically controlled, which means it shuts off after reaching a pre-set temperature and resumes heating when the temperature falls. To make it flawless, the company has brought in the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology, commonly used in aircraft heating systems. Just turn it on, set the desired temperature and the indoor space will be quickly and evenly heated using the 'focused' mode.

At the height of 764 mm, this sleek and stylish machine is somewhere between the tower and the desk variants and one can easily place it on the floor or a low table. Do not worry about children or pets as the body does not heat up while blowing warm air. As for the cooling part, this one moves the clean air around and it feels more like a constant breeze.

When used in auto mode, the device maintains air quality and temperature while the night mode ensures a dim display and quiet operations.

The airflow control varies between 1 and 10, and you can opt for 'focussed' or 'diffused' mode, depending on whether you want the air to blow strongly, in a straight line, or want it softened. Plus,

I was able to tilt the purifier upwards for a 'focussed' flow to a particular point. The oscillation control also came in handy as I could rotate the body between 45 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree and 350 degree angles, and send air jets to every corner. The circular front display logs all relevant information such as airflow details and air quality.

The company also claims a recent upgrade - a 360 degree Glass HEPA filter that captures 99.95 per cent of fine particles. It also helped us clean a medium-sized room in less than 20 minutes (PM 2.5 came down from 250 to 18). However, the filters must be replaced in about a year with 12 hours of usage a day.

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