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Noida-Greater Noida expressway to be redeveloped soon

BusinessToday.In     May 22, 2019

The 23-kilometer expressway between Noida-Greater Noida is set to get redeveloped soon.  The entire stretch of the expressway will be built on bituminous technology which is ideally used in road and highway construction. The redevelopment process of the project is likely to kick-off after the Lok Sabha elections results are declared. As many as four underpasses will also be constructed on the expressway which will provide seamless connectivity to people residing in the surrounding areas of expressway.

Currently, the work is in tender process. The project is likely to be completed by 2020.

Here's a lowdown of the four underpasses:

First underpass: This will be constructed from zero mile till 2.36 km through box pushing technology. The estimated cost of construction of first underpass is Rs 97.67 crore.

Second underpass: This pass is proposed to be constructed from zero mile to 19.40 km at an estimated cost of Rs 45.41 crore. The second underpass is scheduled to be completed  by March 31.

Third underpass: This underpass will be stretched at a length from zero mile till 10.30 km on a budget of Rs 43.64 crore.

Fourth underpass: The fourth underpass is proposed at 16.40 km from zero mile. The budget for this is set at Rs 45.54 crore. This underpass is expected to be completed by July 31, 2012.

The new Noida-Greater Nodia expressway will not only enhance road connectivity but will also prove to be a boon for passengers travelling in Aqua Line metro. The Aqua Line, which connects two cities, lacks ridership due to connectivity issues. However, if the expressway project gets completed then nearby metro station of the Aqua Line will also get more ridership.

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