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Hacked BJP Delhi website teaches beef recipes as Modi 2.0 Cabinet takes oath

BusinessToday.In     May 30, 2019

The website of Delhi wing of Bharatiya Janata Party was hacked on Thursday evening even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new Council of Minister were taking oaths of office. The navigation bar of the BJP Delhi website was tweaked to replace the word 'BJP' with 'Beef. A separate section 'Beef Items' appeared on the website which showed recipes for various beef dishes.

The navigation bar showed sections like 'Beef History', which still led to a page on BJP's history but the word BJP in the header was replaced with 'Beef'. Same was the case with BJP Constitution and BJP Leadership, which appeared instead as 'Beef Constitution' and 'Beef Leadership'. The page 'Beef Leadership' showed an imposing picture of beef steak above an image of a smiling PM Narendra Modi.

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Hovering the cursor over 'Beef Items' opens a dropdown menu with a list of six different beef dishes. Clicking on one of them leads to a different page with the list of ingredients and detailed recipe, along with a message: Hacked by Shadow_V1P3R.

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The website has been taken down for now. Going to the URL of Delhi BJP's website redirects to the national website of the party.

Meanwhile, cyber security expert Elliot Alderson posted a tweet on the recent attack on the BJP website, asking when will it be back to normalcy.

"Dear @BJP4India, Your website has been hacked. How long will you take to restore the site this time? Yours faithfully (sic)," Alderson wrote in a tweet.


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