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Intelligent, To The Core

Nidhi Singal     June 26, 2019

Dyson products are all about cutting-edge technology and superb design. And its recently launched Lightcycle desk lamp is no exception. For a starter, this one uses heat pipe cooling - a drop of water put inside a vacuum-sealed copper tube alternately evaporates and condenses to pull the excess heat away to prevent the six LED lights from overheating, discolouring and fading. The lamp comes with a five-year warranty, but the company claims the light quality will last 60 years.

The clean, minimalist design - a circular base, a vertical pole and a horizontal mount for the lights - resembles a science lab equipment stand, but its smart features are bound to wow all. Thanks to its fluid three-axis movement, I was able to slide the lamp up and down, back and forth and swivel it 360 degree. The effortless motion allowed me to use it as a bedside lamp, a study lamp or even as a focus/task light without moving it around; finger movements did it all. The only thing it does not support is angle adjustment.

You will find plenty of controls, synced with the Dyson app. There is a touch power button right on the circular top housing the LEDs. Then, there are two touch sliders to adjust brightness and colour temperature (cool/warm). You will also find three dedicated buttons below. The first one, for daylight mode, automatically adjusted brightness and colour as per my location and replicated the natural light. But to do this, the app had to access my location

The second button is a motion sensor and makes the product energy efficient as the light is turned off/on by detecting presence. The third button is for auto mode and Lightcycle adjusted to background light conditions for constant brightness. Incidentally, having the right light indoors in sync with the natural light outside, is said to boost our physical and psychological well-being. Dyson says people may require up to four times more light when they are old. So, to make sure that you have the right amount of light while working, studying or relaxing, enter your birth year in the app and Lightcycle will 'intelligently' adjust the output for maximum benefit.

The app has some more hidden gems. For instance, when I activated the 'away' mode, the light was automatically turned off. The 'wake-up' mode was useful too as the light gradually brightened up, creating a natural wake-up environment. Last but not least, there is a Type-C port to charge devices. The price is quite steep, but with so many features up its sleeves, the smart lamp is worth a buy


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