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Personal and Powerful

Nidhi Singal     July 10, 2019

Room air purifiers are quite common nowadays but have you ever heard of a personal air purifier? The latest product from Dyson is just that - a radically redesigned fan that sits close by and blasts out a stream of clean air directly at you. Technically, this is high-velocity air flow (230 metres per second) that dispels the ambient air around you and helps you breathe cool, pollution-free air.

Unlike many of its ilk, Pure Cool Me is a lightweight (2.79 kg), compact device that should be kept within a foot or two from where you are. Going by Dyson's standards, I found the design a little uninspiring, though. There is a stocky circular base with holes which suck the polluted air and pass it through a sealed filter that combines activated carbon and glass HEPA layers. The clean air is then pushed through the circular dome at the top. Dyson is using the Core Flow technology where jets of air meet on a convex surface and converge to create a high-pressure and focussed airflow.

I was able to adjust the direction of the airflow by moving the centre of the dome up and down. In all, the device can cover a 40 degree range when the dome is adjusted. Plus, there is a small LED display at the bottom for certain notifications. There are no control buttons on the device, but the compact remote that comes with it does the job. I was able to control the fan speed between one and 10, activate oscillation (90 degree) and set sleep timer options (30 minutes, one hour, two hours, four hours and eight hours).

There is no sensor on the device to check the quality of the air projected and no app connectivity for smart operations. However, one can easily understand how long the filter will last. Press the 'i' button on the remote and an animation will pop up on the LED display showing the filter life. With a run time of 12 hours a day, it should last almost a year. Replacing the filter is quite easy. Press the two buttons on the sides of the dome to release it, pull out the old filter and replace it with a new one, which costs Rs 2,690.

Thanks to the device weight and ease of adjusting the direction and speed of the airflow, I could move it all over the house. I preferred to keep it on the floor when meditating, and at night, kept it next to the bedside table. It can also be a good desk device at the office, especially if you are not sure about the quality of the air you are breathing.


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