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Volkswagen says goodbye to iconic Beetle

BusinessToday.In     July 11, 2019

German auto giant Volkswagen has stopped production of the iconic car, Beetle, on July 10.  Designed during the Nazi era in Germany, Volkswagen launched the Final Edition of Beetle in denim blue colour at a Mexican factory in Puebla yesterday.  

Dozens of factory workers turned up from early morning in Mexico to put the final touches on the car, which was unveiled after seven hours of work.

The employees wore bright yellow coats bearing the words: Thanks Beetle, as the unveiling proceeded in a festive atmosphere tinged with nostalgia for a car that has generated a loyal following like almost no other.


Volkwagen Beetle carries 81 years of history with it. The first Beetle was developed by Ferdinand Porche an Austrian engineer, who was hired by to fulfill Adolf Hitler's people's car project. After the second world war, the Allied powers (Britain and France) made Volkswagen a priority to revive German auto industry. The car became a part of Germany's post war economy and rising middle class

The car attained further popularity with the 1968 Disney movie 'The Love Bug'. The film helped cement the car's popular image as lovable automobile.

By the 60s, the curvy compact car was found across the globe. Additionally, it became a symbol of hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

The last 65 models of the Beetle Final Edition will be sold on the internet for a base price of $21,000 (Rs 14,36,772) and can be reserved with $1,000 (Rs 68,417) payment.

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