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Virtual reality can play critical role in creating battlefield scene for training: Army official

PTI     July 11, 2019

New Delhi, Jul 11 (PTI) The technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) could play a critical role in creating a battlefield scene for training forces in modern day warfare, a senior Army official said Thursday. Speaking at a conference on AR and VR, Brigadier Zis Yazdani, currently posted with Perspective Planning (Technology and Weapon Systems), Army Design Bureau, talked about the changing battlefield scenarios and the challenges faced by the forces in preparation and training, which is an expensive affair. AR is a tool where physical environment is combined with a digital environment, while VR is a completely digital environment and created using analogs. "Many of us have not seen a war. Kargil was sometime back and small conflicts here and there have happened but there was no war per say. To get trained for that and get a second experience, very few would be lucky to do that. So, to have a battlefield visualisation as a soldier right from a jawan till the highest rank in decision making... that is one place where this system (AR and VR) will work out," Yazdani said. Pointing out the importance of AR, Yazdani said when it comes to battlefield, one can't be experiencing a bullet as it may cost life. "But with the help of Augmented Reality, you can do that without being hit by a real bullet. Experiencing a battle is not desirable but we need to be prepared for that," Yazdani added. He further explained that in a war, there is a need of situational awareness and AR gives the opportunity to go through that situation while sitting in a bunker or control centres. PTI Corr PR IJT

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