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Shocking traffic fines! Violators pay up to Rs 48,000 for not following rules

BusinessToday.In     September 5, 2019

Following the implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Act on September 1, violators have been making headlines for the exorbitant amount they have been fined. The new rules increased penalties for offences like drunken driving, jumping red lights, not giving way to ambulances, not wearing seat belt and so on. If these fines can curb the offences remains to be seen but violators have been handed out hefty bills for not following the rules.

Rs 23,000, Gurugram

One such incident took place in Gurugram, where a Delhi resident was fined a challan of Rs 23,000. Dinesh Madan was fined the amount for flouting several rules while riding his scooter. The rules violated include driving without license, driving without a registration certificate, driving without third party insurance, violating air pollution norms and driving without a helmet.

According to reports, Madan said that his documents were at home, following which he was asked to procure them in 10 minutes. When he said it was not possible, the police asked for the keys of the scooter. As per reports, Madan left the scooter with the police, since, he said his second-hand scooter was hardly worth Rs 15,000.

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Rs 32,500, Gurugram

Another incident happened yet again in Gurugram where an auto-rickshaw driver was fined Rs 32,500 after he jumped a red light. According to his challan, he was fined for driving without a licence (Rs 5,000), driving without registration certificate (Rs 5,000), no third party insurance (Rs 2,000), no air pollution certificate (Rs 10,000), no security registration number plate (Rs 500), dangerous driving (Rs 5,000) and jumping a traffic light (Rs 5,000).

The driver asked the police to let him go and get the relevant documents that he had forgotten at home. The auto-rickshaw driver's vehicle was immediately impounded by the traffic police. The auto driver will have to appear in the court to get his vehicle back.

Rs 47,500, Bhubaneswar

An auto driver in Odisha's Bhubaneswar who bought a second-hand three-wheeler a few days ago at a cost of Rs 26,000 was fined Rs 47,500. The driver was fined for drunken driving. The challan included Rs 5,000 for invalid driving license, Rs 10,000 for drunken driving, Rs 10,000 for violating air/noise pollution, Rs 10,000 for violating permit conditions, Rs 5,000 in other references, Rs 5,000 for vehicle without registration, Rs 2,000 for no insurance and general offence of Rs 500.

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