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BT MPW: Empowering others is essence of entrepreneurship, says Ameera Shah

PB Jayakumar     September 18, 2019

The essence of being an entrepreneur with power and resources is to empower others in the journey, said Ameera Shah, Promoter and Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare.

Speaking at the Business Today 'Most Powerful Women' awards function in Mumbai on the subject of 'On Being a Woman Entrepreneur, she said entrepreneurial journey, irrespective of gender, requires perseverance, passion and ability to handle pressures and challenges. When companies are small, the personality of the firm is reflected in the acts and personality of the entrepreneur. As the firm grows bigger, the ability to build a team that reflects its core values and culture is important, said Ameera, who has 18 years of entrepreneurial experience. She built Metropolis from a single diagnostic laboratory to a 125-lab firm with over 20,000 collection centres spread across five continents. She also had to deal with 25 joint ventures and leading private equity companies before listing her firm on stock exchanges last year.

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"While building a business, it is as important to say 'no' to opportunities as saying 'yes' when numerous opportunities come up during the growth journey," said Ameera, who also runs a women entrepreneurship platform, 'Empoweress', to nurture women entrepreneurs. She said women entrepreneurs may face issues such as juggling family and work but being a woman entrepreneur requires immense perseverance and commitment. Another challenge for women entrepreneurs is to mobilise gender unbiased resources and funds. Women entrepreneurs might have to navigate delicate situations but it is important to handle them with rationality than emotions, she said.

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