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YuppTV partners with BSNL to offer customised streaming experience

Nidhi Singal     October 22, 2019

YuppTV, one of the first OTT players in the country, has entered into a strategic partnership with BSNL to offer triple-play service to enhance video and broadband technology services for mobile and fixed-line users.

This association will help BSNL enhance its portfolio of services and stay competitive in a fast-evolving market. On the other hand, YuppTV will not only bundle its services for BSNL broadband and mobile customers but will also assist the brand in offering broadband services to the underserved areas, by providing last-mile infrastructure.

"BSNL has been doing data and voice stories for many years. Video has been the new popular thing for the last couple of years. The triple-play service will offer video, voice and data together to the customer. We want to create a pan-India success story and with YuppTV we will bring the best of content to our customers," says Vivek Dua, GM Broadband Services, BSNL.  The technical set-up has already been tested successfully to provide seamless triple-play services on a single fibre connection (Bharat Fiber). "For the last two months, we have worked on our technology aspects as to how we bring the best of things to our customers in terms of personalisation of content and non-buffering videos when streaming those. Unless the technology is working well, any pricing will fail," adds Dua.

Not many details have been shared about the triple-play service partnership. The plans and pricing will be revealed in a month from now.

On the other hand, YuppTV is expecting growth in the subscriber-base from this partnership. Currently, YuppTV has 15 million app downloads and have three million active users. The service is available for free in India whereas it is a subscription-based service outside the country. Uday Reddy, Founder & CEO of YuppTV says, "The way the growth is happening on the broadband side with BSNL's fibre-to-home strategy, it can get us real engagement of a customer with four to five hours of streaming at home. With the kind of engagement that mobile and broadband can give, we see it growing multi-fold."

Not many details of this partnership have been shared yet but Dua explains, "Today, a user spends 50 per cent of the time in figuring out what to watch. There will be smart software in the background, which will start reading user's mind and suggest the content they should be watching at a particular time of the day. There are hardware and software that have really started reading user's heart and mind. This is how the game of the content will change."

To cater to the audience across the country, the service is likely to be available in over 20 languages. "We will have to roll it out in primary 20-plus languages that we already have in our official language list. This should not be a problem because software at the end of the day just needs to be trained. We have reached a level of technology where training a machine or software doesn't take many years," adds Dua.

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