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PUBG Mobile leak reveals new female character named 'Sara'

BusinessToday.In     November 6, 2019

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG) is reportedly scheduled to kick off Season 10 on its mobile app on November 9.

With the new season, PUBG Mobile is likely to get more exciting with some new features, weapons, and in-game improvements. A recent report also suggests that PUBG Mobile Season 10 will introduce a female character, Sara.

According to a new video posted by YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming, PUBG Mobile developers at Tencent games will introduce Sara in Season 10. And if that is true, Sara will be the second character to be added to the game after Victor, who was added back in August.

Sara, who is expected to come with new exclusive costumes, voice commands and emotes has also got a special advantage that will enable her to reinforce vehicles.

Hence, she is referred to as 'vehicle expert', which means the vehicle will receive less damage compared to other vehicles if Sara is driving or is riding in the vehicle.

This perk could be scalable and higher levels can be unlocked by playing with the character, making her even more effective. However, Sara's tactical advantage can only be used in EVO Ground modes.

The new character will most likely be introduced with the upcoming 0.15.5 update of PUBG Mobile, which will also introduce Royale Pass Season 10. This update is expected to bring new weapons, skins, and outfits.

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