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Looking to buy an air purifier? Check out four fresh models by Havells India

Nidhi Singal     November 8, 2019

Addressing rising air pollution across major cities in the country, Havells India has announced a new range of air purifiers. Prices starting from Rs 14,490 and going up to Rs 43,290, the company has launched four models under Freshia range of air purifiers. These are equipped with five-stage to nine-stage filtration process to eliminate airborne pollutants up to 0.3 microns.

Havells says that damp environments are often a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infectious diseases. Allergens can trigger flu, irritation and asthma while volatile organic compounds in paints, solvents and sprays can lead to respiratory problems. With particulate matter invisible to the human eye but equally harmful, it is essential to create an environment that injects purity and freshness in every breath you take.

Ravindra Singh Negi, President - Electrical Consumer Durables, Havells India says, "Keeping pace with changing times and evolving needs, Havells has always strived to offer intelligent solutions that are highly functional, intuitive and performance-driven. The first of its kind nine-stage filtration process is a testament to Havells' commitment to providing superior comfort and well-being for discerning consumers. Precautionary measures taken in time to protect ourselves against rampant air-borne diseases will help prevent many pulmonary, infective and respiratory problems later."

Priced at Rs 14,490, the AP20 has a five-stage filtration process including a pre-filter, cold-catalyst, activated carbon, antibacterial and HEPA filter. Having three fan speeds and a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 180cubic metre per hour, it is designed for a room size of 20 square meters.

The AP40 also features the same five-stage filtration process but with a CADR of 350cubic metre per hour. It has been designed for a room size of 40 square meters. Priced at Rs 25,890, it has PPM level indicator light which turns green for reading between one to 50, orange for reading between 51 to 150 and red for reading between 151 to 500. The AP46 is a slightly higher-end model with a seven-stage filtration process with the addition of UV for killing airborne bacteria and Anion (ioniser). Having PPM level indicators, this one is designed for a room size of 46 square meters with 338cubic metre per hour and will retail for Rs 31,290. The top-of-the-line model, AP-58, features nine-stage filtration process including pre-filter, cold-catalyst, activated carbon, antibacterial, HEPA filter, UV and Anion + humidifier and anti-bacteria balls. Havells claims that anti-bacteria balls kill bacteria that lives in water, resulting in a bacteria-free air even in a humid environment. Priced at Rs 43,290, the AP-58 should work well in a room size of 58 square meters and has a CADR of 500 cubic metre per hour. All air purifiers are accompanied by remote control.

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