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Correct Your Posture

Nidhi Singal     November 26, 2019

Most wearables are focussed towards tracking activities - steps, calories burnt, workout and sleep. Dipitr's Strack is a small wearable that helps correct posture.

This is a very small device that can be attached to a person's back; it gives vibration alerts every time that person slouches. Measuring just 47x31x9 mm, the Strack houses an LED indicator with a multi-purpose button at the front. One can wear it using supplied magnets (on the shirt) or adhesive tapes (pasted on the back). Between the two, I found the adhesive tape better. With the magnet, the device slips due to the vibrations. Plus, the vibration feedback is stronger when attached to the back. The adhesive strip is a little difficult to peel off but the company says it is replacing it with a better-quality one.

Setting up is easy - just install the app, answer a few questions (height, weight, how often you experience back pain), pair the device and calibrate it. Once set up and pasted on the back, Strack gave vibration alerts every time I slouched. It also has a coach mode that has small sessions on improving the sitting posture.

As I don't suffer from back pain, the automatic coach-mode started with a five-minute session and increased the time gradually. All the data - minutes of straight posture, number of slouches and more - is accessible within the app. The data is categorised on an hourly and weekly basis.

You can customise the settings - from the vibration intensity (low, medium and high) to alert time (after 0, 5 or 10 seconds). While most of the features are accessible using the app, you can also control using the multi-purpose physical button. When turned on, pressing the button once turns off the vibration and pressing it again activates the vibration again. This feature comes handy while having meals as that's the time when one bends forward often. As the position of the Strack might change every time you wear it, the same can be calibrated just by pressing the button twice.

Strack packs in a rechargeable battery that lasted me over two days on a single charge. As the functionality is vibration-driven, the battery life may vary from user to user.

Is it good? Yes, because it makes you cautious about slouching and helps correct the sitting posture.


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