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WhatsApp's self-destructing messages spotted in new beta update

BusinessToday.In     November 26, 2019

It has been rumoured for a while that WhatsApp is working on self-destructing messages. Now the latest beta update for WhatsApp on Android has brought some insight into this feature. WhatsApp has also introduced a new stable update for iPhones with features like call waiting, a redesigned chat screen, and more.

Coming first to the Android, WhatsApp has rolled out 2.19.348 beta update with a feature called Delete Messages. It allows the user to select a time frame after which messages will be automatically deleted, similar to snaps sent via Snapchat. The time periods range from 1 hour to 1 year. The feature was first seen on WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.282 update under the moniker Disappearing Messages. It has since been renamed.

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When enabled, the Delete Messages feature can be toggled in Contact Info. For WhatsApp groups, only administrators will be able to enable this feature. It is also compatible with WhatsApp's Dark Theme. However, the Delete Messages feature might not be available to all as it is still under development.

Now for iOS, WhatsApp has launched the update version 2.19.120 with a few upgrades. New privacy settings allow WhatsApp users on iOS to control who can add them to groups. Admins will have the option of sending a private invite instead. This feature can be toggled in Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

The latest update for WhatsApp on iOS has also added call waiting support so the user can choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while already attending another call. The chats screen design has also been updated to make it easier to quickly scan your messages. Moreover, users can now send messages directly from the Braille keyboard when using VoiceOver mode.

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