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Anti-CAA protests: How to check status of flights, trains to Assam, West Bengal

BusinessToday.In     December 16, 2019

Amid the severe and violent protests erupting against the Citizenship Amendment Act across the country, train and flight services to many parts have been affected. While many flights and train services to Assam have resumed, many flights and trains to West Bengal have been cancelled.

If in the next couple of days you are scheduled to fly to these states that are in the throes of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Bill protests, then here's how you can keep a track of your booked train and flight.


There are multiple ways to check the status of your train and to check if it has been cancelled amid the violent anti-CAB protests. You can check if your train has been cancelled on Railway Enquiry. The site publishes lists of partially cancelled, rescheduled and diverted trains.

Here's how to check if your train has been cancelled:

  • Go to
  • Click on Train Details on the dropdown on the right side of the page
  • Click on cancelled trains
  • Select the date for the cancelled trains list
  • Click on the search button

You can also go to and feed in the number of the train on the tab. It would show you the status of your train.

Alternatively, you can also check the status of your train on Make My Trip. Here's how to check:

  • Go to Make My Trip
  • Select 'Trains' on the bar above
  • Once it opens, choose Live Train Status
  • Feed the train number, your destination and date. It will show you the status of the train


Usually flights inform their passengers via text, WhatsApp and/or mails if the flight has been cancelled. However, you can also go to the website of your respective flight operator and check the status as multiple parts of the country are protesting the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Here's how you can check:

  • Go to the official site of operator
  • Click on 'Flight Status'
  • Feed in details such as departure, arrival, date, flight number and PNR and check status

Alternatively, you can also go to private sites like Make My Trip and feed in details such as airline, flight number and departure date and check the status.

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