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Jharkhand Election Results 2019: JMM-Congress-RJD alliance wins with 47 seats; BJP loses another state

BusinessToday.In     December 23, 2019

Jharkhand Assembly Election Results: After a day of counting, Jharkhand Assembly election results are finally out. The pre-poll alliance between Congress, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has won majority with a total of 47 seats between them. This means they can easily sail past the magic mark of 41 seats required to stake claim to power in the 81-strong Jharkhand Assembly. Out of the three, JMM won 30 seats, Congres won 16 seats and RJD won one seat,

This marks another defeat for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which lost Maharashtra to an alliance of estranged ally Shiv Sena, National Congress Party and Congress. The Raghubar Das-led party, which jumped into the fray sans allies, was limited to only 25 seats, a far cry from the required 41 seats.

JMM leader and most popular face for CM Hemant Soren has won both Dumka and Barhait Assembly seats. He defeated BJP's Lois Marandi by a margin of 13,188 votes to win the Dumka constituency. Soren won the Barhait seat against BJP's Simon Malto by a margin of 25,740 votes.

Meanwhile, incumbent CM Raghubar Das could not retain his seat. He lost the Jamshedpur East seat by a margin of 15,833 votes to BJP rebel and his former state Cabinet colleague Saryu Roy. On Monday late evening, he tendered his resignation from the post of CM to Governor Draupadi Murmu. He will hold the office till the new government is in place.

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Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude towards the people of Jharkhand for the "opportunity to serve" in a tweet. The Prime Minister also congratulated JMM leader Hemant Soren as the JMM-Congress alliance maintained a lead in the trends so far. "We will continue serving the state and raising people-centric issues in the times to come," he further added.

In a tweet, Home Minister Amit Shah said that BJP respected the mandate of Jharkhand's voters. He further stated that BJP is committed to the development of the state.

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11.56 PM: Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results

  • JMM: 30
  • Congress: 16
  • BJP: 25
  • JVM (P): 3
  • AJSU Party: 2
  • CPI(ML) Liberation: 1
  • Independent: 2
  • RJD: 1
  • NCP: 1
  • Total: 81

10.45 PM: Trends in Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

Counting of votes in Jharkhand Assembly election results 2019 is almost done. Here's the tally from the last leg of counting:

  • JMM: Won-29, Leading-1
  • Congress: Won-15, Leading-1
  • BJP: Won-24, Leading-1
  • JVM (P): Won-3
  • AJSU Party: Won-2
  • CPI(ML) Liberation: Won-1
  • Independent: Won-1, Leading-1

8.58 PM: We respect the people's verdict: Raghubar Das

"People's mandate has not been in favour of BJP, but whatever has been the verdict of the people, we respect it. I hope Hemant Soren and his government will work to fulfill the dreams of the people," says Raghubar Das after tendering his resignation from the post of CM.


8.55 PM: Trends in Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

  • JMM: Won-22, Leading-8
  • Congress: Won-11, Leading-5
  • BJP: Won-17, Leading-8
  • AJSU Party: Won-2
  • CPI(ML) Liberation: Won-1

8.10 PM: Trends in Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

  • JMM: Won-15, Leading-15
  • Congress: Won-8, Leading-8
  • BJP: Won-14, Leading-11
  • AJSU Party: Won-2
  • CPI(ML) Liberation: Won-1

8.07 PM: Raghubar Das resigns as CM

Raghubar Das tendered his resignation from the post of CM to Governor Draupadi Murmu. The Governor asks him to continue till the next government is formed.


8.02PM: Local issues led to loss: BJP

The BJP on Monday attributed its loss in the Jharkhand assembly polls to "local issues", and said "internal strife" also appeared to have a significant impact in the state, where the JMM-Congress alliance is set to form the government.

Party spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao said the BJP will analyse in detail factors for the loss in the state but added that the lack of an alliance against a united opposition also had a role.

"Inability of local leadership to convince the electorate for repeat of the mandate and internal strife within the party also appeared to have a significant fall out. A detailed analysis will be done," he said.


7.53 PM: Trends in Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

  • JMM: Won-12, Leading-18
  • Congress: Won-8, Leading-7
  • BJP: Won-12, Leading-14
  • AJSU Party: Won-2
  • CPI(ML) Liberation: Won-1

7.49 PM: Raghubar Das arrives at Raj Bhavan in Ranchi


7.45 PM: Raghubar Das trails from Jamshedpur East

Incumbent CM Raghubar Das is trailing from Jamshedpur East seat against his former colleague Saryu Roy, who is contesting as an independent. Das is behind by a margin of 15,109 votes, according to data on Election Commission of India.

7.33 PM: Hemant Soren wins Dumka, Barhait both

JMM leader Hemant Soren has won Dumka Assembly seat. He defeated BJP's Lois Marandi by a margin of 13,188 votes. He also won the Barhait seat against BJP's Simon Malto by a margin of 25,740 votes.


7.28 PM: Trends in Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

  • JMM: Won 11, Leading 19
  • Congress: Won 6, Leading 9
  • BJP: Won 10, Leading 16
  • AJSU Party: Won 1, Leading 1

7.10 PM: PM Modi congratulates Hemant Soren, thanks people of Jharkhand

As BJP trails in the ongoing counting for Jharkhand Assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude towards the people of Jharkhand for the "opportunity to serve". We will continue serving the state and raising people-centric issues in the times to come, he further added.

He also congratulated JMM leader Hemanr Soren, who is likely to be the next chief minister of the state if the JMM-Congress alliance comes to power.



7.05 PM: JMM leader Hemant Soren told ANI that a decision on NRC will be taken keeping in mind the interest of the state.


6.59 PM: JMM-Congress alliance bags 12 seats; BJP wins 9

As per trends so far, the Congress-JMM combine has secured a win on 12 seats in total. Out of this, 8 seats have been won by Hemant Soren-led JMM, whereas Congress won 4 seats. Meanwhile, BJP followed close behind with a victory on 9 seats. Meanwhile, BJP is ahead on 16 seats, whereas the Congress-JMM alliance is leading on 33 constituencies.

6.56 PM: BJP respects public mandate: Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah said his party respects the mandate of Jharkhand voters, as the party trailed behind JMM-Congress alliance in the Jharkhand Assembly election results. In a tweet, Shah also expressed his gratitude to the people of Jharkhand for giving the BJP a chance to govern the state for five years and asserted that his party remains committed to its development. He also lauded BJP workers for their "untiring" efforts in the Assembly polls.


6.05 PM: Trends of Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far

5.45 PM: "So it appears that the people of at least one state have conclusively given their verdict that they do not want it (CAA and NRC)," Arvind Kejriwal said at a press conference in New Delhi, talking about Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results.

5.35 PM: Winners of Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 results so far:

  • AJSU Party: 1
  • BJP: 3
  • JMM: 3
  • Congress: 1

5.30 PM: "The result of Jharkhand Assembly Polls that has come today clearly states that people are with non-BJP parties. After Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, people have decided to keep BJP away from power in Jharkhand also," said NCP Chief Sharad Pawar.

5.25 PM: Hemant Soren said that the JMM/Congress/RJD alliance leaders will meet soon to strategise about the future of the state.

5.20 PM: "Jharkhand assembly election results 2019 show people are with non-BJP parties," says Sharad Pawar.

5.13 PM: Hemant Soren said that a new era for the people of Jharkhand has begun. "Today a new chapter will begin for this state. I want to assure everyone that their hopes will not be broken irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and profession," he said.

5.10 PM: "I thank the people of Jharkhand for the mandate. For me, it's a day to take a vow. I vow to serve the people of Jharkhand. It is time to fulfil the dreams of the people. This is the result of Shibu Soren's efforts. Time has come to fulfil our promises. I thank Congress, JMM and RJD for their support. I want to thank Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Prasad Yadav, and Sonia Gandhi for their support to us," said Soren.

5.01 PM: "People of Jharkhand have given clear majority to JMM/Cong/RJD alliance," said Hemant Soren.

4.59 PM: "I am thankful to the people of Jharkhand for the mandate," said Hemant Soren, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha's (JMM) in Ranchi.

4.56 PM: Winners in Jharkhand Assembly Election Results 2019 so far:

  • AJSU Party: 1
  • BJP: 2

4.51 PM: BJP's Nirbhay Kumar Shahabadi leads with 39,366 votes in Giridih constituency, while JMM's Sudivya Kumar follows with 38,495 votes.

4.45 PM: BJP wins 2 seats. JMM leads in 28 seats, while Congress leads in 14.

4.42 PM: "Going by the trends so far, I see it as my own loss. I worked hard and tried to sincerely put the state on the development track. The party cadre worked hard. We will humbly accept the verdict," says Raghubar Das.

4.40 PM: Saryu Roy leads in Jamshedpur East with 38,988 votes while Raghubar Das follows with 30,437 votes.

4.29 PM: Latest Election Trends: JMM is leading in 29 seats. Congress leading in 13.

4.22 PM: "All non-BJP parties must rally around Congress to save Constitution," says Congress leader P Chidambaram on Jharkhand Assembly Election Results 2019.

4.19 PM: Hemant Soren rides a bicycle at his residence.


4.15 PM: "I am hopeful that result will be in our favour. I am waiting for the final results. BJP will accept the people's mandate," says Raghubar Das.

4.10 PM: Winners: BJP's Koche Munda wins Torpa seat, defeating Sudeep Guria of JMM by 9,630 votes in first result declared by EC.

4.00 PM: BJP has won 1 seat but are leading in only 23 other seats. JMM-Congress-RJD still miles ahead with 47 leads.

3.57 PM: JMM-Congress-RJD combine reaches 47 seats; BJP contained at 24.

3.53 PM: Jharkhand CM and BJP candidate from Jamshedpur East, Raghubar Das, still trailing.


3.50 PM: "Dented in Haryana, Denied in Maharashtra, Defeated in Jharkhand," says P Chidambaram on the Jharkhand assembly election 2019 results.


3.47 PM: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee congratulates JMM, INC and RJD for winning.


3.45 PM: JMM emerges as the largest party in early trends with 29 seats. BJP pushed to 24 seats. 

3.40 PM: Dumka Election Trends: Hemant Soren leads with 54,311 votes, while Lois Marandi follows with 49,790.

3.35 PM: Latest Election Trends: BJP leading in 24 seats while JMM-Congress-RJD lead in 46 seats.


3.30 PM: JMM's Hemant Soren is leading from Barhait assembly constituency by margin of 11668 votes and from Dumka seat by 2750 votes.

3.20 PM: Hemant Soren leading in both his constituencies -- Dumka and Barhait. In Dumka he is leading by a small margin but Barhait appears to be a comfortale margin.

3.15 PM: Latest Election Trends: JMM-Congress-RJD lead with 44 seats, while BJP slips to 26.

3.10 PM: JMM Hemant Soren at former Jharkhand CM Shibu Soren's residence in Ranchi.


3.05 PM: Latest Election Trends: JMM-led 3-party alliance in Jharkhand leading in 40 of assembly 81 seats, ruling BJP ahead in 31, according to latest Election Commission trends.

3.00 PM: "I will remain as an independent candidate and support or oppose the policies of government on its merit," said Saryu Rai, independent candidate from Jamshedpur East.

2.55 PM: Latest Election Trends: JMM-Congress-RJD combine is ahead with 42 seats, while BJP is ahead in 28 seats out of the 81.

2.45 PM: Latest Election Trends: The JMM-Congress-RJD alliance is leading on 40 out of the 81 seats of state Assembly, while the ruling BJP is ahead on 30 seats.

2.40 PM: Dhanwar Assembly polls latest trends: Former CM and JVM(P) chief Babulal Marandi leads by 18,645 votes from Dhanwar seat against BJP's Lakshman Prasad and JMM's  Nizamuddin Ansari.

2.35 PM: JMM's Hemant Soren is trailing on Dumka seat by 461 votes and leading on Barhait by 9948 votes.


2.31 PM: Former CM and JVM(P) chief, Babulal Marandi leading on Dhanwar seat by 18645 votes.


2.25 PM: AJSU party's Sudesh Mahto leading on Silli by 17125 votes, JMM's Seema Devi trailing.


2.20 PM: Jharkhand voters demolished 'arrogance' of Modi, Shah: NCP

The NCP says people of Jharkhand have demolished the "arrogance" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the saffron party president Amit Shah. The Shiv Sena also hit out at the BJP, with which it recently severed ties at the Centre and in Maharashtra, saying the Jharkhand Assembly poll trends show people are not buying the Amit Shah-led party's politics based on sentimental issues like the National Register of Citizens. It also said that the BJP needs to introspect on its performance in Jharkhand after Maharashtra. "The people of Jharkhand have demolished the arrogance of Modi ji, Amit Shah and BJP. Democracy has won," NCP chief spokesperson Nawab Malik tweeted. Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said as the BJP looks set to lose Jharkhand after failing to retain power in Maharashtra, it raises question whether people are now trusting the Amit Shah-led party or not. -- PTI

2.15 PM: Congress coordinator for Jharkhand polls Ajay Sharma said this is the defeat of BJP's corruption and its arrogance.

2.10 PM: Latest trends on Jharkhand Assembly elections: The BJP is leading on 31 seats while the Congress-JMM-RJD alliance is ahead 40 seats (JMM 23, Congress 13 and RJD 4).


1.54 PM: I could win by 30,000 votes: Saryu Rai

Saryu Rai, independent candidate from Jamshedpur East, leading against Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das says, "Lead of about 1500-2000 will continue in the coming rounds of counting. I could win by a margin of 30,000 votes".

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1.35 PM: Sanjay Raut takes a dig at BJP: "Jharkhand has slipped out of BJP's hand. Despite efforts, after Maharashtra, even smaller states are slipping from their control."

1.23 PM: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has no relation to the election outcome in Jharkhand. "State elections are fought on issues concerning the state," says the former MP CM.


1.20 PM: The Bermo Assembly polls: The Congress party takes a lead from the Bermo Assembly seat.

  • Rajendra Pd. Singh, Congress: 72982
  • Yogeshwar Mahto, BJP: 49697

1.07 PM: Raghubar Das may lose the Jamshedpur East seat to Independent candidate Saryu Roy.


12.58 PM: Jharkhand CM trails by 771 votes: EC Trends

  • Saryu Roy: 14,479    
  • Raghubar Das: 13,708

12.41 PM: In what seems to be a major embarrassment to the BJP, Jharkhand Chief Minister and BJP leader Raghubar Das is trailing behind over independent candidate Saryu Rai from the Jamshedpur (East) constituency.

12.33 PM: India Today-Axis My India exit poll hits the bullseye, again

The India Today-Axis My India exit poll survey seems to have proved right yet again as the JMM-Congress-RJD alliance is all set to dethrone the BJP in the state of Jharkhand. The India Today-Axis My India exit poll had predicted 38-50 seats for the JMM-Congress-RJD alliance, while BJP was given 22-32 seats.

12.25 PM: Hemant Soren could be next chief minister of Jharkhand

With the opposition JMM-Congress-RJD alliance currently leading on 43 Assembly seats, it seems clear that JMM working president Hemant Soren is going to be the next chief minister of Jharkhand.

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12.13 PM: RPN Singh on latest election trends: "We've clearly said that Hemant Soren will be CM candidate of our alliance."


12.10 PM: BJP not only winning but also forming govt: Raghubar Das

Jharkhand CM & BJP candidate from Jamshedpur East says "we're not only winning but we'll also form govt under the leadership of BJP in the state".

11.52 AM: CM Raghubar Das on initial trends: "These trends are not the final word. There are more rounds of counting to be held."


11.35 AM: JMM's Hemant Soren leading from the Barhait Assembly seat by 5,319 votes while he is trailing from Dumka Assembly seat by 5,381 votes.

11.29 AM: Celebrations at Congress headquarters in Delhi

The Congress party workers at the Delhi headquarters have started celebrating the victory of the Congress-JMM-RJD alliance by firing crackers and distributing 'ladoos'. Notably, the alliance has crossed the magical figure of 40 in the state in terms of lead, while the BJP has been reduced on 27.


11.27 AM: Congress leader RPN Singh says the INC will back JMM chief Hemant Soren as CM candidate, reports CNN-News18. 

11.21 AM:Hemant Soren to be next Jharkhand CM: Tejashwi Yadav

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav says there is going to be a clean sweep for Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) in this election. "We have fought elections under leadership of Hemant Soren. He is going to be the Chief Minister." 

11.15 AM: Latest Jharkhand Assembly Election Trends: Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leading on 24 seats; Congress on 12 seats; BJP on 29 seats; and RJD and JVM (P) 5 each.

11.06 AM: Congress-JMM-RJD inches closer to victory, suggest early trends

BJP leading on 27 seats, JMM on 25 , Congress on 13, RJD on 5, JVM (P) on 4, AJSU 3, BSP 2 and CPI (ML) on 1 seat.

11.01 AM: AJSU party's Sudesh Mahto trailing in Silli seat, JMM's Seema Devi leading by 284 votes; Babulal Marandi ahead from Dhanwar by 2,841 votes. 

10.56 AM: JVM (P) leader Babulal Marandi says: 'The results are not as per our expectation'


10.43 AM: BJP leading on 27 seats, Congress-JMM-RJD alliance leading on 43 seats.

10.42 AM: Official Election Commission trends on all the 81 constituencies out: BJP leading on 27 seats, JMM on 25, Congress on 13, RJD on 5, JVM (P) on 4, AJSU 3, BSP 2 & CPI (ML) on 1 seat.

10.36 AM: JMM-Congress-RJD alliance crosses magical mark: As per the latest election trends, the JMM-Congress-RJD alliance has crossed the magical majority mark in terms of leads on 41 seats, while the BJP is leading on 29 seats. AJSU and JVM are leading on five and four seats, respectively.

10.31 AM: Godda Assembly Poll Result Update: RJD's Sanjay Prasad Yadav has taken an early lead over Amit Kumar Mandal of the BJP. Yadav is leading by 3,315 votes.

10.29 AM: Potka Assembly Poll: BJP's Menka Sardar has secured a lead over Sanjib Sardar of JMM by more than 5,144 votes, suggest early trends.

10.24 AM: Latest EC trends for 78 seats: The BJP is leading on 29 seats, JMM on 23, Congress on 11, RJD on 5, JVM (P) on 4, AJSU and BSP on 2 each & CPI (ML) on 1 seat.


10.22 AM: JMM-Cong crosses magic mark: JMM-Cong alliance has crossed the magic figure by taking a lead on 41 seats, while the BJP is leading on 30 seats.

10.19 AM: Dhanwar Assembly polls: Former Jharkhand CM Babulal Marandi of JVM (P) has taken an early lead from Dhanwar seat.

10.13 AM: Gomia Assembly Constituency: AJSU candidate Lambodar Mahto takes a lead of around 2,217 votes over Babita Devi of JMM.

10.06 AM: Barhait assembly seat: JMM's Hemant Soren leading from Barhait assembly constituency by 664 votes, BJP's Simon Malto trailing.


10.04 AM: Official Election Commission trends: BJP leads on 19 seats, Congress on 8, JMM on 18, RJD on 4, AJSU and BSP on 2 seats each, CPI (ML) on 1 & JVM (P) on 1 seat.


9.55 AM: Bokaro Election Result: Chief Minister Raghubar Das is leading from the Jamshedpur East after trailing during initial counting of votes. The Jharkhand CM is leading by 342 votes, independent candidate Saryu Rai trailing.

9.52 AM: Official Election Commission Trends: BJP leading on 13 seats, Congress on 7, RJD on 3, JMM on 10, AJSU and BSP on 2 seats each.

9.45 AM: Barhet, Dumka Assembly Seats: Congress-JMM's CM candidate Hemant Soren secures a lead from Dumka but he is trailing from Barhet Assembly constituency.

9.39 AM: Latest trends: The BJP is leading on 8 seats, Congress on 6, RJD on 3, JMM on 4 and AJSU on 1 seat: ECI

9.33 AM: Official Election Commission trends: The BJP is leading on five seats, the Congress on four, RJD on three, JMM on two and AJSU on one seat.

9.30 AM: Jharkhand Assembly Election Results 2019: The BJP is now leading on three seats, while the Congress, JMM, RJD are ahead on two each and AJSU on 1 seat, suggest Official Election Commission trends.


9.27 AM: BJP approaches AJSU: The BJP has reached out to AJSU Chief Sudesh Mahto and JVM chief Babulal Marandi ahead of the final results, sources tell India Today. The BJP and Congress-JMM alliance are in neck-and-neck contest in Jharkhand.

9.15 AM: Official Election Commission trends: AJSU candidate Lambodar Mahto leading from Gomia seat.

9.13 AM: Latest election trends: BJP back in lead; ahead on 22 seats; Congress-JMM leading on 18 seats.

8.56 AM: What's the ground situation in the capital city of Jharkhand.


8.54 AM: Early election trends: How key candidates are performing

  • Raghubar Das (Jamshedpur East), BJP: Leading
  • Lois Marandi (Dumka), BJP: Trailing
  • Gourav Vallabh (Jamshedpur East), Congress: Trailing
  • Babulal Marandi (Dhanwar), JVM: Leading
  • Hemant Soren (Dumka), JMM: Leading
  • Hemant Soren (Barhait), JMM: Leading
  • Sudesh Kumar Mahto (Silli), AJSU: Leading
  • Saryu Rai (Jamshedpur East), IND: Trailing

8.42 AM: Initial counting trends from the postal ballots show the JMM-Congress has been leading on 34 seats, which is up by 13 seats as compare to the 2014 elections.

8.37 AM: After the postal ballots, votes polled in the Electronic Voting Machines are being counted from 8.30 AM.

8.34 AM: Among the prominent candidates are Chief Minister Raghubar Das from Jamshedpur East, the chief ministerial candidate of the opposition JMM, Congress, RJD alliance Hemant Soren from Dumka and Barhait and former chief minister Babulal Marandi, also the president of Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantrik), from Dhanwar.

8.28 AM: Latest Jharkhand Assembly Poll Update: The Congress-JMM alliance is leading on 24 seats, BJP on 18. JVM and AJSU are leading on two and four seats, respectively.

8.19 AM: Latest Jharkhand Assembly Poll Update: The JMM-Congress alliance leading on 22 seats, while the BJP is trailing on 15 seats, reports India Today TV.

8.17 AM: Babulal Marandi says no question of joining BJP: "After the way BJP tried to finish me and my party, there is no question of joining hands with them," says JVM-P chief Babulal Marandi, reported The Times of India.

8.05 AM: The counting of votes has started for 81 Assembly seats of the state of Jharkhand.

8.00 AM: Posters saying 'Jharkhand ki pukar hai, gathbandhan ki sarkar hai. Hemant ab ki baar hai' have been put up in Ranchi. Counting of votes for the Jharkhand Assembly Polls begins at 8 AM.


7.54 AM: Most exit polls telecast by news channels soon after voting ended for the fifth and final phase of the Jharkhand elections on Friday indicated a hung assembly in the state.

7.47 AM: Will BJP make a comeback? The saffron party in the 2014 elections had won a total of 37 seats in the state and formed the government in alliance with six JVM-P MLAs.

7.42 AM: Latest visuals from a counting centre in Ranchi.


7.35 AM: ECI arrangements for the Jharkhand Assembly Results: The Election Commission of India has developed an integrated ICT counting application which will display the results on the website and Voter Helpline (Android & iOS) Mobile App.

7.27 AM: A total of around 2,08,52,808 voters -- 1.08 crore female, 1.18 crore male, and 40,336 service voters -- will decide the fate of total 1,216 candidates in Jharkhand assembly elections 2019.

7.24 AM: Latest visuals from a counting centre in Dumka.


7.15 AM: Rich candidates in Jharkhand: Of total 1,216 candidates contesting the Assembly polls, a total of 293 (around 24 per cent) are crorepatis. As per Association for Democratic Reforms, 5 per cent of the total candidates (65) own assets worth Rs 5 crore or over, while 8 per cent (102) have properties worth Rs 2-5 crore.

7.00 AM: What Exit Polls Say: As per India Today-Axis My India exit poll, the Congress-JMM alliance may form the next government in the state, leading another blow to the BJP after the recent Maharashtra debacle.

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