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Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

Manu Kaushik     January 7, 2020

From his decade-long stint at the country's largest carrier IndiGo to becoming a board member at Oyo Hotels & Homes, Aditya Ghosh is known to be an accomplished corporate executive. While his professional career is fairly well-known, perhaps, only his over 39,000 followers on Instagram are aware of his penchant for fitness.

When it comes to sharing his passion for fitness, Ghosh does not shy away. He frequently posts pictures and videos of his intense workouts. He also likes taking his fitness mantras up a notch with life lessons.

"Whether in life or at work or in the gym, your competition is who you were yesterday! Just focus. Prepare. Collect your thoughts. Even if it takes time. Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon...You don't have to jump into the effort. When you feel you just can't push any further, imagine success. Only you can see it. Only you can see it. Make it count! Dare to be the best! It's the same in the life!" writes Ghosh.

Ghosh's professional life has also been influenced by fitness. For instance, during his IndiGo days, Ghosh was instrumental in starting the FitToFly programme where the airline collaborated with the police force of different cities to provide them with fully-equipped gyms.

His advice for everybody who wants to stay fit: All the supplements you need are between your ears and the equipment you need is a pair of shoes! The world is your gym.

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