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Striking the Right Note

Aprajita Sharma     January 9, 2020

There is no dearth of market experts explaining the tricks of the trade to novice investors. But Vijay Kedia, Director, Kedia Securities, has a unique way of educating amateurs on investments - through songs.

Kedia might have earned a reputation on Dalal Street for identifying multibaggers, but his avatar as a singer has become even more popular. In a span of just 18 months, Kedia has sung over seven songs that highlight the essence of the stock market in simple language.

From explaining the importance of debt-free companies - "EPS hai jhoothi, cash flow hai saccha; loan jitna kam ho utna hi accha; byaaz he baja na de band company ka" - to highlighting the perils of playing with futures and options - thoda profit jo aana shuru ho gaya, mujhko lagne laga main guru ho gaya; confidence aaya, bada daanv lagaya; paisa itna dubaya maza aa gaya - the ace value investor has sung his way into investor education.

BSE Chief Ashish Chauhan, and star investors Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Ramesh Damani, all swear by his melodies, says Kedia.

It all began when he had to enrol for National Cadet Corps classes back in school but missed the deadline. A persistent Kedia would stand outside the class everyday. One day he happened to sing in front of the teacher, who eventually gave in and permitted him to enrol. "That was the first time when music gave me what I wanted. Now, when I mingle my love for markets with music, I feel positive," he says.

Kedia has no formal education in music. He writes lyrics with Bollywood songs as the base and gets them recorded at a professional music studio.

Kedia calls himself an amateur. "I may not be a great singer, but I sing with passion," he says. Sharing his own feelings and the ongoing mood of the market, Kedia wonders, "Tera Nifty all-time high; phir bhi mera share kyon aadha?"

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