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Google and Samsung to take on Apple's FaceTime with Google Duo

Ankita Chakravarti     February 13, 2020

Apple's FaceTime is the most envied video calling built-in application that has always been credited for being the best in the market but seems like Samsung now has plans to take on FaceTime with Google's video calling app Google Duo.

Samsung unveiled its most awaited S20 series at an event in San Francisco. The phones S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra will be up for sales from March 6 and they will come with two new features that might seem similar to what the apple smartphones already have. Samsung S20 series will reportedly have in-built Google Duo and file sharing app QuickShare pretty much like Apple's FaceTime and AirDrop feature. At the event in San Francisco, a Google executive announced Samsung's collaboration with Google.

With 5G, the Galaxy S20 enhances the video chatting experience through deep integration with Google Duo, bringing new Duo features first to Galaxy S20. Now, from the dialler, you can tap Duo to start a video call and enjoy, for the first time ever, FHD quality, the executive was quoted as saying.

Although Samsung devices already had an option download all sorts of video-chat apps, the Google Duo inclusion in the phone would mean that the app will be pre-installed in the phone's dialer, messaging app and other apps so that a person can directly select the video chat option without reaching out to an app specifically. It is the same way as we do in Apple phones, the FaceTime or video chat icon is visible when you select a contact to make a call or message.

Similarly, the QuickShare application which Samsung will reportedly introduce in the S20 series will allow the users to share pictures, videos and files to other Samsung Galaxy devices supporting QuickShare without
Messaging, emailing or relying on the other messaging app. The functionality is pretty similar to Apple's AirDrop feature that allows users to transfer data to compatible devices using Bluetooth and WiFi.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 lineup at an event in San Franciso. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is priced at $1000, the Galaxy S20 Plus starts at $1200 and the Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at $1400. All three phones are aesthetically designed and have impressive features. The devices come with two RAM optionsthe 8GB and 12GB and supports up to 1TB external storage.

In terms of the optics, the Galaxy S20 comes with a triple camera setup while the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra have quad-camera setup at the rear. The phones have some really impressive specifications and will probably lock horns with Apple's high-end smartphones at the market.

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