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Why Satya Nadella wants software developers to broaden their vision

E Kumar Sharma     February 26, 2020

On the second day of his three-day India visit, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella built on his theme that technology should drive more inclusive growth. Speaking at an event in Bengaluru, he urged software developers to embark on this new decade with dreams of making a bigger, more broader, cross-sectoral impact.

"Can we dream even more in the next 10 years? Can we have that broad cross-sectoral impact in an economy like India and its society where we can think of retail, healthcare, agritech everything being changed by digital technology and that is the opportunity in front of us," Nadella said. The good news, he added, is that the core technology fabric is just getting embedded in the world as we speak. "It is in our homes, in our office, in stadiums, hospitals , in every sector and in everything - be it a car or a refrigerator, you now have computing in it," the Microsoft CEO said.

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"We talk of this as the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge era. It captures the ubiquity of the computing fabric. The ability to use this computing power to create intelligence that is just out there and ambient in favour of an experience layer that is people-centric," Nadella said. "I do not want to live in a world where my entire experience to computing is just mediated by one device. I want it to be multiple senses, multiple devices and we are at the beginning of that and that is the world you are all going to create."

Nadella said that the goal of software developers should be "to help make every organisation become a software company by adopting the latest technology". As developers, he said, "the responsibility we all have is to think more broadly about our impact".

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Nadella said that Microsoft's mission was to help organisations jump-start their growth through transformational tech intensity - which results from enterprises adopting best-in-class technology rapidly, building their own digital capability, and having trust both in the technology they use and the companies they partner with.

Outlining examples of tech intensity from Indian organisations, Nadella referred to several tech-based companies from a variety of sectors. He talked about how online fashion retailer Myntra is using Microsoft's cloud computing service Azure to focus on innovation, speed and agility to expand its business. He also mentioned Udaan, a start- that leverages Azure for all its infrastructure and cloud needs covering business functions like lending credit, logistics and e-commerce. Udaan also uses Azure to develop technologies that help them rapidly increase their coverage and scale. Nadella also talked about Narayana Health that used Power BI to improve efficiency across 6,000 beds in its network of hospitals.

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