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These Reliance Jio plans offer 2GB data per day: Check them out

Ankita Chakravarti     March 11, 2020

Telecom giant Reliance Jio is currently one of the most sought after operators in India. Within a few years of its inception, the Reliance-backed company became a choice of millions. But what makes it stand out from the other two telecom companies are its prepaid packs and uninterrupted services even in difficult areas. It is no secret that Jio has some really cheap prepaid plans to offer as compared to Vodafone and Airtel. And the low price doesn't mean that they comprise in services, they offer some of the best designed prepaid plans with a host of benefits along with it.

In this article, we would focus on the Jio plans that offer 2GB data per day. Internet is not as expensive as it used to be a few years ago and the telecom companies have made it easier for the users to function without looking for a wifi connection every time they step out of their homes. With the recent data packs, you can even watch movies and web series without really worrying about the internet and Jio certainly stands out when it comes to offering more in less money.

Reliance Jio currently has three plans that are offering 2GB data per day along with other benefits. The plans are Rs 249, Rs 555 and Rs 444.

The Rs 249 prepaid plan is probably the cheapest data pack in this segment as Jio's competitors like Vodafone and Airtel offer 1.5GB data per day in the same price. However, Jio's Rs 249 plan offers 2GB data per day. The plan also offers unlimited voice calls to Jio-to-Jio and Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 1,000 minutes. The pack also provides 100SMSes per day and comes along with a free subscription to various entertainment apps. The Rs 249 has a validity of 28 days.
The other plan that offers 2GB data per day is the Rs 444 prepaid plan. The plan offers Jio-to-Jio unlimited calling benefits, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 1,000 minutes. The prepaid plan has a validity of 56 days and it also provides 100 SMSes per day along with a subscription to various streaming apps.
The third plan in line is the Rs 555 plan that is offered by Reliance Jio. The pack offers 2GB data per day, 100smses per day, Jio-to-Jio unlimited calling benefits but it has a validity of 84 days. So if you are a Jio user and you recharge your phone with Rs 249, you should definitely opt for the Rs 599 plan and relax for three months. This will also help you save almost Rs 180!

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