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iPhone 9 nears launch as phone reportedly goes into mass production

Sushant Talwar     March 20, 2020

Apple's reported budget iPhone for 2020, the iPhone 9, appears to be quite close to becoming reality. This is because the device has now reportedly gone into mass production, and as such remains only shortly away from being launched to the world.

The information comes courtesy of noted tipster, Jon Prosser, who in the past has had a solid success rate with the claims he has made in his leaks. If the leak is to be believed and the phone has indeed gone into mass production, it would mean that that the development of the phone is done and Apple is now simply gearing up to get enough units in the bank to meet demand when the iPhone 9 is eventually announced.

The information also adds up as it comes on the back of several of Apple's production factories in China going back to working at optimum capacity in China after months of disruption due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

However, even with the production of the iPhone 9 being on track, there are no guarantees that the phone will still be launched any time soon. And the reason for this again is the Coronavirus outbreak which has disrupted the company's supply chain in a number of key markets and has also made the current climate unsuitable for launching a new Apple-branded smartphone.

Yet, with the device going into mass production, it definitely puts Apple in a strong position if it does eventually decide to go ahead with the launch of the iPhone 9 in the coming weeks.

Talking about the phone itself, there have been quite a few reports about the iPhone 9. In fact, there have also been some that claim it will be a series of phones that Apple launches under the iPhone 9 name.

The report claims that Apple is planning to launch not just an iPhone 9, but also an iPhone 9 Plus. Previously, rumors had suggested the iPhone 9 would come with a similar design to the iPhone 6 and as such bring a 4.7-inch LCD and TouchID. However, the code in iOS 14 also points to a larger 5.5-inch model that will also boast of the same core specs but will differ crucially in the display size.

As per 9to5Mac evidence indicates that both will run with the A13 Bionic chip, the processor in the iPhone 11 family. They will also come sporting NFC scanning, which was not possible on the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

The devices, as the leaks suggest, will be entry-level iPhones using the same Touch ID-enabled home button that was a regular fixture on the previous generation iPhones. These iPhones are also expected to ditch the expensive technology such as FaceID to keep costs down.

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