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PM Modi fears India will be pushed back by 21 years if lockdown not successful

BusinessToday.In     March 24, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a complete lockdown of 21 days for the entire country. The lockdown will start at 12 am on Tuesday, said PM Modi during his address to the nation. PM Modi urged every Indian to stay indoors and self-isolate.

He said that if India does not manage the lockdown for these 21 days then India will be pushed back by 21 years. The Prime Minister added that this lockdown is more important than the janta curfew announced for Sunday. PM Modi urged the importance of social distancing during his address. He added that social isolation is important for everyone and not only the sick. "Social distancing is for everyone, for everyone in the family. Social distancing is even for the Prime Minister," said PM Modi.

"It took 67 days for the first lakh people to be infected from coronavirus. It only took 11 days for the next 1 lakh to be infected. Even more scary is the fact that it took only four days for the figure to rise to 3 lakhs," said PM Modi.

He added that India will bear the financial consequences of the lockdown. "But to save the lives of every Indian is my, the state government and the central government's biggest priority," said PM Modi. "I urge you to stay wherever you are in the country," he added.

"Forget what it is like stepping out of the house for 21 days. Stay at home and only stay at home. Today's decision of countrywide lockdown has drawn a Lakshman Rekha around the door of your house," he emphasised.

The Prime Minister said that now is the time for patience and discipline.

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