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Vodafone increases validity of Rs 95 all-rounder prepaid plan: Here's everything you should know

Ankita Chakravarti     March 30, 2020

Vodafone has made a lot of changes in its prepaid plan ever since the price hike was announced in December. The telecom giant has upped their ante by providing double the benefits to their customers without increasing the price. Now, Vodafone has introduced the Rs 95 all-rounder prepaid plan in selected circles with increased validity. All-rounder prepaid plans are minimum recharge plans which is basically used to extend the validity of an account. It is a great way for subscribers to keep their sim active without recharging with any combo plans.

So apart from the newly introduced Rs 95 prepaid plan, there are existing all-rounder packs like Rs 39, Rs 49 and Rs 79. The Rs 95, however, has the highest validity. Once chosen, the plan will be active for 56 days.

The Rs 95 plan comes with three benefits including data, talktime, and voice calling rate cutter. The plan includes a Talktime of Rs 74 and this would mean that all the local/national calls are charged at 2.5 paise per second. The prepaid plan also offers data benefits of up to 200MB.

Prior to the price hike in December, the Rs 95 prepaid plan offered a total of 500MB but the validity was only 28 days. However, now that Vodafone has increased the validity, it has reduced the data benefits.

The Vodafone Rs 95 all-rounder plan is available in Bihar, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu circles. The idea users in these cities can also avail of this plan.

However, if the pack is not available in your city, there are other cheaper all-rounder plans to choose from. Although the Rs 39 and Rs 79 plans are not available in all the circles, the Rs 49 and Rs 79 packs are available in every city.

The Rs 79 all-rounder plan offers a talk time of Rs 64, 200MB data per month and all voice calls will be charged at one paise per second. The Rs 79 plan has a validity of 28 days. The Rs 49 plan , on the other hand, comes along with 100MB of data, Talktime of Rs 38 and has a 28 days validity.

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