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How is coronavirus patient transported to hospital? Here's the process

BusinessToday.In     March 31, 2020

Coronavirus update: As the number of cases increase in the country, the government has undertaken a slew of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. One of the measures that is very effective in the curbing of coronavirus is social distancing. Identified cases have also been put under isolation.

When an individual shows symptoms, family members or friends must place a call with the helpline number and intimate the authorities. The healthcare professional will transport the coronavirus patient to the healthcare facility.

Here's how a COVID-19 patient is transported to the hospital:

1. On receiving the call, the call centre will enquire certain details such as name, age, sex, symptoms, travel history, quarantine condition, whether the patient is stable or critical etc. 

2. The call centre will assign the nearest ambulance to the patient, who will be then taken to the strategic location. 

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3. Once the EMT arrives to pick up the patient, the EMT will look into the aforementioned details again. The EMT will wear appropriate PPE and assess the condition of the patient. One caregiver will be allowed along with the patient and will be wearing the appropriate PPE. The patient and caregiver will both be given triple-layer medical masks. The EMT will then contact the identified health facility and inform it to be prepared.

4. When onboard the ambulance, the EMT will ensure that the vitals are stable. If the patient is on a ventilator, then ventilator protocol will be followed. 

5. Once the patient reaches the hospital, the EMT will provide the medical details to the doctors and information on whether any medical intervention was required during the transportation. After the patient is handed over, PPE will be taken off and hands will be washed using alcohol-based soap water.

6. The biomedical waste including the PPE will be disposed of in a biohazard bag, the insides of which will be sprayed with Sodium Hypochlorite. After the bag is tied, the outside of the bag will also be sprayed. It will be disposed of in the destination hospital. 

7. All surfaces that have come in contact with the patient of materials will be thoroughly cleaned using the disinfectant Sodium Hypochlorite. Before using the reusable equipment, it will be cleaned with alcohol-based rub.           

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