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Govt launches new app to trace coronavirus suspects

BusinessToday.In     April 2, 2020

Government has launched a new app called Aarogya Setu to contact trace coronavirus suspects with better accuracy.

The app is available on both Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. The app will use GPS and Bluetooth to help determine whether the user has been near a coronavirus patient.

The term contact tracing means tracking down individuals who have been in contact with an infected person, or in this case, coronavirus infected person.  

Users can register on the app with their mobile numbers and add credentials and medical history.

Once a user enters the app, the app sends the location data to the government and shares information about whether the user is a coronavirus patient or if they've been near another patient.

The app uses GPS and Bluetooth to identify if the user is in a coronavirus hit area and determines if they have been within six feet from a COVID-19 patient.

The app has a dedicated chatbox which asks  a series of questions to determine coronavirus symptoms. The chatbox also provides users with information and updates from the Health Ministry and lists helpline numbers.

The app supports up to 11 languages and is developed by NIC eGov Mobile Apps.

The app is loosely based on Singapore's community tracing app 'TraceTogether'. The government is trying to spread verified information about the virus and create awareness among citizens with the app. It aims to contain the virus with the use of age-old Bluetooth instead of relying on internet connectivity.

The Minsitry of Health and Family Welfare says that there are 1860 active cases of coronavirus in the country and the death tally is at 53.

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