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WhatsApp allows more than 4 people to join a group call, set to roll out new limit of participants

Ankita Chakravarti     April 21, 2020

A few days ago, WhatsApp increased the limit of participants in group video calls but now it is all set to roll out the new limit of participants. WhatsApp's new feature comes at a time when the dependability on video calling apps has increased by many folds. With half the world carrying out most of their important operations from home, a reliable video calling platform is the only need of the hour. Earlier, WhatsApp allowed only four participants to join a group video call.

As per a WABetainfo report, WhatsApp has increased the limit of participants from four to eight. WhatsApp is all set to roll out the feature that would allow users to add 8 participants in a group video call. The feature will be initially released for users having the latest iOS and Android Beta versions. In order to test the new feature, a user is required to install the iOS beta update from TestFlight for iOS users and 2.20.133 beta from Google Play for Android users. All the participants need to download the beta updates to join a group call otherwise it would not be possible for them to use the new feature.

Here are different ways to set up a group video call on WhatsApp

—Open WhatsApp and select the group that you want to chat with and then tap the Call button. If your group has only participants, WhatsApp will directly start the call but if the participants are more than the older limit, WhatsApp will ask which contacts you wish to add. However, if you have participants who are not saved in your contacts, WhatsApp will not add them in a group call.

— Another way of starting a group call is by opening the Calls tab, then tap the Call button, then select the New group call option provided. When you tap it, you will get an option to select the contacts you want to add to your call. All this could be done without even making a group.

— The easiest way to start a group call is to simply make a new group and add the participants that you want to chat with. This way the group call starts automatically whenever you tap the call button without you having to manually add people every time you make a call.

WhatsApp is gradually rolling out the feature for beta users so if you didn't get the feature even after updating to latest versions of iOS and Android Beta, don't fret it will come to you slowly.

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