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Coronavirus lockdown: Explore Apple's 30 fun activities to keep your kids engaged

Nidhi Singal     April 22, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, most educational institutes across the globe have adopted online learning. Cupertino technology giant Apple, which has always focussed on learning and development for kids, has come up with a solution to encourage creativity among students.

"We know parents are juggling a lot in this challenging time. Apple's education team has some fun ways to keep kids everywhere creating. #creativityforkids," tweeted Tim Cook, CEO, Apple.

As part of Apple's ongoing effort to support at-home learning, Apple's team of educators has come up with a set of 30 fun, constructive and creative activities for younger kids aged between four and over eight years with built-in features of iPad and iPhone. Apple says that activities are age-appropriate and kids can work on them independently, or they can be tailored for the whole family.

For instance, the first activity, 'personify something' is about taking a photo of an everyday object at home or outside, and draw on it using markup to transform it into a character. 'Make a simple book' is about thinking of an imaginary story. 'Tell a story with shapes' is about adding a variety of shapes from the Shapes menu to a blank page, and rearrange them to create a story. The 'Get your questions answered' encourages kids to speak to Siri to get answers. The 'Go back in time' looked even more challenging as it required the kids to find an old photo, recreate the scene and then take a picture. Then use a black-and-white filter to make it look like it was from the past. "Record news interviews' is about recording yourself asking and answering questions. With all these activities there is a get-started tip as well to guide kids on how to proceed.

Other than fun activities, Apple also has a solution that can help kids learn to code. With the idea, everyone can code, Apple has created Swift, a programming language which is easy to learn. The commands are based on words one already know, like "jump" and "forward". And it's used by the pros to create the most popular apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Apple has also released Education Learning series this month, which is a new collection of videos designed to help schools and educators make the most of remote learning on Apple devices. Apple is a featured technology partner for Common Sense Media's new Wide Open School project, which has curated free resources to help families and educators transition to learning at home. Apple also invited educators to join Apple Education on Twitter for weekly chats with other teachers about remote learning, and join the Apple Teacher Learning Center. Even the App Store has curated the new Remote Learning for Institutions and Educators collection which will be of interest to parents as well as students.

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