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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 now live on Android, iOS: Two new maps, 3 multiplayer game modes and more

Amritanshu Mukherjee     April 30, 2020

It has been teased for a while and now it's finally here. The Season 6 update for Call of Duty Mobile is now live and it brings along a couple of changes to game. Similar to PUBG MOBILE, there are three new gameplay modes as well as a new map that also brings a new theme to the game. Call of Duty Mobile sheds its military theme after a long time in favour of the enticing wild west theme, featuring cowboy characters. The update is now live on both Android and iOS.

The biggest addition to the game with the Season 6 update includes the Rust map, which is popular with those who have been into the franchise for years. The Rust map is available for multiplayer gameplay modes and offers wannabe snipers enough vantage points to prey on enemies. For those who want something akin to the wild west theme, they can opt for the Saloon map. Players can also get the full wild west experience by going for the Cowboy Ghost and Seraph Desperada characters.

Apart from the new maps, Call of Duty Mobile brings three new gamplay modes under the multiplayer section. There's a new "Kill Confirmed" mode along with "Capture the Flag" and "1V1 Duel" mode. The 1V1 Duel is similar to the 4V4 Deathmatch mode but instead of havong four players in a team on either side, there will only be two players battling it out in the entire map.

New weapons are also part of the Season 6 update. There's an Outlaw Sniper rifle and Wild West MSMC available for players. Players also get a new " Annihilator" operator skill in the Free Battle Pass. Two new events are also part of the Season update, which include the Gold Rush and Rust the Dust.

Call of Duty Mobile Saloon map

Apart from the new content, the latest update also brings the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020, which goes live from today. Players ranked Veteran or Higher will be able to join the event and earn various in-game rewards. Those who qualify to the Stage 2 will have to form teams with other selected players and keep playing. Prizes include several in-game items as well as cash rewards.

The Season 6 update also brings in a couple of gameplay optimisations, UI changes and Weapons Balance.

The update can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices via the respective app stores.

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