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Ola resumes services in 100 cities, issues guidelines for drivers and riders

Ankita Chakravarti     May 5, 2020

A day after the lockdown was extended till May 17, a few e-commerce platforms and ride-hailing apps resumed services in selected cities. Ola too started operations in green and orange zone in compliance with the government of India's order. The company has also issued safety guidelines for its rider and driver-partners in the cities, which is called the 10 Steps to a Safer Ride initiative.

The initiative has been taken by Ola to ensure safety for both its customers and driver-partners. The cabs will only function in the identified safe zones and there will be a mandatory selfie authentication before and after every ride. The company also said that all their cars will be cleaned and sanitized after every ride. Ola just like Uber has introduced a flexible cancellation policy under which both the rider and driver-partner can cancel their ride if they feel uncomfortable due to inadequate safety measures taken by either party. This would include wearing masks during the ride, sanitizing the car frequently.

Ola has issued a different set of guidelines for its riders and driver-partners.

Guidelines for driver-partners

—The drivers cannot resume services in red zones or the areas prohibited by the government.

—The drivers are required to wear masks during a ride and they will have to authenticate it by sharing a selfie with the company before and after every ride.

— Ola will provide hygiene kit to its drivers which would comprise of masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, and drivers can get these at all walk-in centers across their cities.

—Ola has advised the drivers to clean their cars after every ride. Especially the handle, inner handle, and seat to be cleaned frequently.

—Ola has given the option to drivers and riders to cancel the trip at any given time if either party is not following the safety guidelines.

Guidelines for riders

—Along with the drivers, it is also mandatory for every rider to wear a mask during the ride and sanitize their hands before and after every ride.

— Ola has asked the driver-partners to keep the AC off to avoid recirculation of air so the customers cannot ask the driver to switch it on.

—Only two riders apart from the driver will be allowed to travel. They are advised to sit by the windows on the back seat and not next to the driver.

— Customers are advised to load and unload luggage by themselves.

—Customers are advised to make digital payments to avoid any unnecessary contacts.

Talking about the 10 Steps to a Safer Ride' initiative and resuming services in 100 cities, Ola Spokesperson and Head of Communications, said in a statement, "We thank the Central Government for recognizing the importance of mobility in these difficult times. As we reopen our platform to millions of citizens for their commute and driver-partners whose livelihoods are dependent on serving mobility needs, the safety of both continues to be the topmost priority for us. Our fight against COVID-19 is a collective effort, and will be possible only with both our driver-partners and customers doing their bit to ensure that everyone has access to safe and high-quality mobility."

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