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Instagram will now add Covid-19 related information to Stories

Ankita Chakravarti     May 6, 2020

The tech giants across the globe are using all possible ways to spread awareness about the coronavirus amongst their users. From introducing chatbots to adding COVID related information to their feeds, the social media giants are doing it all to educate people about the disease. Instagram announced on Tuesday that it is working on adding information related to coronavirus to its Stories and Feeds.

Instagram revealed in a tweet that it will display Stories with Covid-19 related information listed by the health organizations followed by the users. The stories will be displayed on the top of your tray. However, if you don't follow any of the health organizations you will not get to see any of the stories.

"Starting today, we'll bring Stories related to COVID-19 from credible health organizations you follow closer to the top of your tray. This is part of our ongoing work to connect people with accurate information, and we'll be rolling out a similar solution for Feed next week," Instagram's comms said in a tweet.

This is just another initiative taken by the photo-sharing app to ensure that people receive all the right information about the coronavirus pandemic. The social media giants have also taken the necessary steps to combat the rampant misinformation that is being spread through their platform. Facebook and Twitter have started taking action against tweets or posts that are being shared to influence people in the wrong way. WhatsApp too has added a limit to its message forwards and has also collaborated with fact-checking organizations to stop fake news from being spread.

On a related note, Instagram the Live Donations feature where people can donate and even raise funds for a charity cause using the feature. Any user can now create a fundraiser on Live and the money raised will go to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

To use the live donations feature, the users are required to tap the camera in the top left of Feed or swipe right in Feed. After that they will have to tap on the Live button at the bottom of the screen, select Fundraiser and choose an NGO to support. When you begin your Live broadcast, you can see the number of people supporting your fundraiser and the amount of money raised in real time. You can also thank the people who have donated to your cause by tapping on the wave button.

"When you donate to a nonprofit fundraiser on Live or in Stories, you can access the sticker for a select period of time. Accounts you follow who use the "I Donated" sticker or donation sticker will be added to a shared story at the front of your Stories bar for a limited time, allowing you to see how your community is helping support those affected by COVID-19," Instagram said in a blog.

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