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Coronavirus: Migrant worker from Odisha beaten to death by Surat Police

BusinessToday.In     May 16, 2020

A migrant worker from Ganjam district in Odisha was reportedly beaten to death by police in Surat for allegedly violating social distancing norms. The deceased, identified as Satya Swain, had gone to a police station for registration to return home with other migrant workers on the day of the incident.

Satya and other workers had gathered in front of the police station to register themselves for train travel back to their respective states, stated an India Today report. After the police force reprimanded them, the workers dispersed and fled to their quarters in Anjani Industrial Estate nearby, report added.

Around 5-10 policemen then followed the migrant workers, broke down a locked gate to barge into the house, brutally thrashed people and took them to Amroli police station, one of Satya's roommates told India Today. Satya succumbed to his injuries while being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the report said.

Satya is survived by his wife and a five-year-old mentally-challenged son.

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