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IIT-Ropar develops affordable machine to sterilise products using UV rays

BusinessToday.In     June 8, 2020

IIT-Ropar has designed a machine which makes the sterilisation of products quick and easy. The machine uses UV rays for the sterilisation process. The institute has already started consulting a Chandigarh-based manufacturing company for mass production, The Indian Express reported.

Esspee Industries till now has not tied up with any retail chain or shops and would be directly selling the product to the customers for Rs 4,500 per unit, as per the daily. The IIT-Ropar designed machine is being manufactured in a factory in Chandigarh's industrial area, Esspee Industries would be selling the machine from the factory itself.

According to officials, the machine can sterilise a wide variety of products ranging from groceries to purses. The machine should last at least five years, the officials said

The UV-C Sterilisation machine was conceptualised and designed by Senior Scientific Officer Naresh Rakha with the help of Dr Khushboo Rakha and executive engineer TS Anand.

Talking about the ideation process of the machine Naresh said to the daily, "In the initials days of the lockdown, we were bringing groceries from markets and there were several reports of the virus being spread that way. We thought of coming up with a way to sanitise our groceries before taking them to the kitchen and then we conceptualised the current prototype. We researched and knew that UV rays are something that can easily kill the virus. We had to contrive a way to use it in a way that is beneficial to us."

Naresh said that the machine has been designed in a way that it can be bought and used by the common man. A trunk is used with careful measurements of the amount and intensity of bulbs to make the UV light effective. "The calculation of the duration of time which will kill the virus was the tricky part," he says.

Many organisations, even the police, have approached Naresh for consultation and the product. "We are not charging even a single rupee for consultations. The cost is not very high and we have insisted those partnering with us to not collect profits from buyers," he adds.

Naresh warns that the UV lights are used in the machine and it should not even come close to the human skin as it could be harmful.

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