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Snapchat gets host of new features including AR camera, well-being tool and more

Ankita Chakravarti     June 12, 2020

Snapchat on Thursday announced at the Snap Partner Summit 2020 that it will be revamping its app and would add a host of new features to it. Some of the features include camera kits and Augmented Reality camera, Bitmojis, and games, resources on well being, breaking news and made-for-mobile shows, maps, and more.

The Snap-owned company has also partnered with various content platforms including Disney, ESPN, NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, the NBA for the exclusive content that would be featured on the Discover feed. So let's have a detailed look at all the new features and tools that have been added to Snapchat.

Enhanced camera features

Snap has added a plethora of camera features to Snapchat and this includes a camera kit, dynamic lenses, lens studio, local lenses, and scan. The camera is one of the most important tools for Snapchat users so a little enhancement there would provide a better user experience. The camera kit would allow users to add Snapchat lenses while browsing, chatting, or watching videos together. With this feature, The users you'll be able to create your own music videos with special Snapchat lenses.

The dynamic lenses let users share custom Lens on Snapchat to invite their friends to their virtual groups. The local lenses would let users experience the Augmented reality world and the Scan feature, as the name suggests would help people to scan things and gather information about it. Users can "Press and hold" on the camera screen to gather relevant information about what you see in front of you.

Mental health and well-being tool

Snapchat has added a special feature that is fully dedicated to the mental health and well being of a person. The feature provides resources when they search for topics related to mental health and wellbeing. "We are partnering with Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness, to offer their best-in-class content and resources directly in Snapchat. In the coming weeks, Headspace will offer guided mini-meditations and tools for helping our community check in on their friends," the statement by Snapchat read.

Snapchat has also added a special in-app reporting tool which will allow the users to alert the app if any of their friends are at risk for self-harm and Snapchat in return will notify that friend of the help that is available to them.

Breaking news

Snapchat reveals that over 25 million people watched news stories on the app this year so keeping that in mind, the company announced a Happening Now feature, which would provide all the news from around the world to the users. Snapchat has partnered with The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC News, ESPN, NowThis, E! News, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed News and more for providing relevant news to its users.

Bitmoji games

The Bitmoji games feature allows users to play games on mobile, PC, console, and beyond. "Bitmoji Paint, from Snap Games Studio, brings together millions of players to simultaneously contribute to one global collage. An all-new infrastructure service will power this game, and soon, developers will be able to use these tools to build games for the Snap platform. We're also introducing new games from partners including Mojiworks, Game Closure, Zynga and more!, " Snapchat said in the blog post.

Snap Maps

The Snap Maps feature lets a user know what his friends are doing. The Maps feature places that are popular amongst the people on Snapchat. Users can also place orders through the Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats in the US. The feature will be rolled out on Android and iOS soon.

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