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After Google, Apple removes TikTok clone Zynn from App Store

Ankita Chakravarti     June 16, 2020

Days after TikTok clone Zynn was taken down from Google Play Store, Apple's App Store has removed the app. The app was pulled from Play Store over plagiarism issues. Google had also axed a few emerging apps like Mitron and Remove China Apps before Zynn.

"We understand this happened due to complaints raised on user-uploaded videos. This is an isolated incident that has triggered a routine investigation from Google's platform. Upon receiving the notice, we immediately removed the problematic video and blocked the user from uploading any additional videos before providing further proof of copyright," a Zynn spokesperson told The Verge

As per a report published in Wired, the app was removed from Play Store after the users had alleged that their content was uploaded on Zynn without their consent. Some users have also noticed that their accounts were cloned completely on the Zynn app. Right from their name, pictures to videos had appeared on the clone app and the people had no inkling how their content was transported to the Zynn app.

Although Google had removed Zynn from Play Store, Apple still kept it. A spokesperson of Zynn had even told The Verge that the company is "in communication with both Google and Apple to ensure compliance with their guidelines and regulations."

Zynn debuted in the US in the first week of May and became the most-downloaded app within days of its launch. The app was made available on Google Play Store and App Store. In both platforms, it featured under the top ten most downloaded app.

The TikTok clone also gained followers rapidly due to its reward programme, which was something no app offered. The users apparently got paid for watching videos on the app and for also making other users download the app. As the Wired report, users got $1 for joining the app, $20 for getting another user to join the app, and $10 for making five other users join the app

"We didn't want to pay giant corporations like Facebook or Google so we used the exact same amount of money to pay our frontline users instead. Our app will only have value and significance with a large number of users on it," a Zynn spokesperson had told The Financial Times about its reward programme.

Apple and Google are yet to issue an official statement about the removal of the app

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