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PIB warns of phishing, tells people how to avoid dangerous emails

Ankita Chakravarti     June 23, 2020

The PIB (Press Information Bureau) on Tuesday issued a warning on Twitter asking people to adopt safe browsing practices to secure themselves from the phishing attack campaigns against individuals and businesses. In a series of tweets, PIB cautioned the internet users and also listed down the ways that can keep them safe from cyber-attacks.

"Some fraudulent websites are designed to look like genuine websites, with the intention of tricking you into revealing personal or financial details. Don't fall for them and be cautious before sharing your details," PIB tweeted from their official Twitter handle.

Phishing isn't something unheard of, every other day we spot an ill-intentioned mail in our mailbox asking for information that is oddly personal. Many people fall for those fraudulent emails or messages and end up losing their private information. Such messages not only circulate over mails, messages but also over WhatsApp.

PIB also shared the ways in which people can keep them safe from such cyber attacks. So let's have a look at the ways using which you can stay safe on the internet:-

— PIB says, "Be cautious of unsolicited emails prompting you to click on the links and attachments." Users should only open emails from verified sources and with genuine URLs, in case of doubt, users should visit the website to confirm. These are a common sighting on the internet. You get many emails that ask you to click on the link provided to claim the prize money. Users without understanding the gravity of the situation, click on the links that take them to an unprotected site that acquires pivotal data of a user. These mails are curated by cybercriminals with nefarious intentions to get hold of the user's password to important sites, emails linked with bank account et al.

— PIB asks users to encrypt their sensitive documents to save and secure it to avoid any potential threat on the internet. Encryption is one of the most important things, it encodes a file or a message so that only the person who is supposed to access it will get access and not others. It is important to encrypt any personal information on the internet that you don't want others to access. For instance, there was much hue and cry over the absence of encryption features in the Zoom video conferencing app. It was deemed unsafe and non-secure by the tech experts but now the company has enabled end-to-to end encryption for all users.

—PIB also shared an email id where one can report the phishing cases. The email id is

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