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Will PubG be banned in India? Memes break internet as popular game comes under govt radar

BusinessToday.In     July 28, 2020

The government's decision to ban 47 clone apps of the previously banned Chinese apps and reports that 250 more Chinese apps, including PubG, are on the Centre's radar has sent the gaming app fans into a state of dizziness. Many of them, until recently, were part of the meme fest that poked fun at TikTok ban in India.

But as reports about the possible PubG ban started creating round on social media, its fans resorted to their favourite coping mechanism: memes. Will there be a ban on PubG or not, it's still a mystery but its fans are defiantly worried over the possibility of losing their presence and source of income from one of biggest gaming platforms in the world.

PUBG remains a widely famous game among Indians, especially youngsters. The game claims over 175 million installs in India until now. In the first quarter this year, PubG Mobile has seen a global revenue gain of $1.3 billion (roughly Rs 9,731 crore). Pakistan has also temporarily banned PubG in the country after complaints about it being touted as "addictive".

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