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Petrol prices hiked for 3rd day today; check out latest rates

BusinessToday.In     August 18, 2020

Petrol prices on Tuesday was hiked up to 17 paise per litre across all metros. This is the third increase in rates in a row since oil companies started revising prices in line with costs on Sunday.

Petrol in Delhi was hiked to Rs 80.90 per litre from Rs 80.73 on Tuesday. In three consecutive hikes, the petrol prices has gone up by 47 paise per litre in the national capital.

In Mumbai, Gurugram, and Kolkata, petrol rates were increased by 13 paise litre on August 18. In the last three days, petrol prices have climbed 39 paise in Mumbai.

Among other metro cities, Bengaluru and Hyderabad saw petrol rates going up 14 paise, whereas Chennai and Noida saw petrol prices going up by 12 paise and 11 paise, respectively.

Currently, petrol rates in Mumbai stand at Rs  per litre, followed by Hyderabad (Rs 84.07/litre), Chennai (Rs 83.99/litre), Bengaluru (Rs 83.52/litre), Kolkata (Rs 82.43/litre), Noida (Rs 81.45/litre) and Gurugram (79.08/litre).

Meanwhile, diesel prices have not seen any change for more than 20 days. Diesel is priced at Rs 73.56 per litre in Delhi and Rs 80.11 per litre in Mumbai. Similarly, the price of diesel in Chennai and Kolkata remains unchanged at Rs 78.86 and Rs 77.06 per litre, respectively.

Check latest and revised petrol and diesel prices today

Price of petrol in Delhi today,  August 18- Rs 80.90/litre

Price of petrol in Mumbai today, August 18-Rs 87.58/litre

Price of petrol in Chennai today, August 18-Rs 83.99/litre

Price of petrol in Kolkata today, August 18-Rs 82.43/litre

Price of petrol in Hyderabad today, August 18-Rs 84.07/litre

Price of petrol in Bengaluru today, August 18-Rs 83.52/litre

Price of petrol in Gurgaon today, August 18- Rs 79.08/litre

Price of petrol in Noida today, August 18-Rs 81.45/litre

Check latest and revised diesel prices today

Price of diesel in Delhi today, August 18- Rs 73.56/litre

Price of diesel in Mumbai today, August 18- Rs 80.11/litre

Price of diesel in Chennai today, August 18-Rs 78.86/litre

Price of diesel in Kolkata today, August 18- Rs 77.06/litre

Price of diesel in Hyderabad today, August 18- Rs 80.17/litre

Price of diesel in Bengaluru today, August 18-Rs 77.88/litre

Price of diesel in Gurgaon today, August 18- Rs 74.03/litre

Price of diesel in Noida today, August 18- Rs 73.87/litre

Price of diesel in Ghaziabad today, August 18- Rs 73.71/litre

Globally, oil prices edged lower on Tuesday, mostly holding onto overnight gains after OPEC+ said the producer grouping is almost fully complying with output cuts to support prices amid a drop in demand for fuels due to the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reported. Brent crude was down 6 cents, or 0.1 per cent, at $45.31 a barrel by 0027 GMT, after gaining 1.3 per cent on Monday.

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