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PUBG banned in India, but you can still play the game; here's how

BusinessToday.In     September 3, 2020

The Indian government on Wednesday banned PUBG Mobile or  PlayerUnknown' Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile Lite, along with 117 apps because of their Chinese links. PUBG Mobile app is associated with Tencent Games, a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings which is one of the biggest Chinese multinational companies.

However, the government has put a ban on the mobile version of the game and not the original that is available on consoles and PCs. PUBG enthusiasts can still play the game on their PC, XBox, or PS4. Hence, many PUBG players are now eyeing the laptop and desktop variant of the game.

In fact, PUBG and PUBG Mobile are two different games made by two different developers. The PC version's developers are not Chinese. PUBG was originally created by Brendan Greene, an Irish video game designer. The game's PC and consoles versions were acquired by South Korean gaming studio Bluehole. And, Tencent was given the right to create a mobile adaptation of the game. Notably, Tencent's association is limited to the mobile version of the game and not the one that is available to play on PC and gaming consoles.

While PUBG Mobile is a free to play game but to play on PC, one has to buy PUBG via Steam.

PUBG costs Rs 999 to play via Steam, a digital distribution service for online games, on PC. For this, PUBG players must need Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 processor with 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB graphics, 64-bit Windows 7, DirectX version 11 and a minimum of 30 GB storage to play the game on PC via Steam.

One can also opt for PUBG Lite for PC to play free version on Windows on low-end laptops. However, PUBG Lite has low-end graphics.

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