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Petrol, diesel rates slashed across India; check latest updates

BusinessToday.In     September 10, 2020

Petrol and diesel prices reduced across all metros on Thursday. Petrol witnessed marginal rate cuts but diesel prices reduced sharply. As per Indian Oil Corporation data, petrol prices in Delhi declined by 0.09 paise and diesel by 12 paise. Petrol rates have declined across the country for the first time this month. Petrol stands at Rs 81.99 per litre in Delhi. The last time petrol rates surged in Delhi was on September 2 by 0.05 paise.

On the other hand, diesel rate has slipped to Rs 73.05 in the national capital. Diesel rates have witnessed four cuts in September amounting to a cut of 51 paise in Delhi.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, petrol and diesel prices have decreased by 0.05 paise and 12 paise respectively. The current petrol and diesel rates in India's financial capital stands at Rs 88.64 paise per litre and 79.57 paise per litre.

The price per litre of the two fuels varies from state to state because of different rates of local taxes and VAT imposed.

In other cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, diesel rates have been cut by 0.1 paise, 11 paise, 9 paise, and 12 paise, respectively.

Check latest and revised petrol prices today

  • Price of petrol in Delhi today,  September 10- Rs 81.99/litre
  • Price of petrol in Mumbai today, September 10-Rs 88.64/litre
  • Price of petrol in Chennai today, September 10-Rs 84.96/litre
  • Price of petrol in Kolkata today, September 10-Rs 83.49/litre
  • Price of petrol in Hyderabad today, September 10-Rs 85.21/litre
  • Price of petrol in Bengaluru today, September 10-Rs 84.66/litre
  • Price of petrol in Gurgaon today, September 10- Rs 80.15/litre
  • Price of petrol in Noida today, September 10-Rs 82.29/litre

Check latest and revised diesel prices today

  • Price of diesel in Delhi today, September 10- Rs 73.05/litre
  • Price of diesel in Mumbai today, September 10- Rs 79.57/litre
  • Price of diesel in Chennai today, September 10-Rs 78.38/litre
  • Price of diesel in Kolkata today, September 10- Rs 76.55/litre
  • Price of diesel in Hyderabad today, September 10- Rs 79.62/litre
  • Price of diesel in Bengaluru today, September 10-Rs 77.34/litre
  • Price of diesel in Gurgaon today, September 10- Rs 73.52/litre
  • Price of diesel in Noida today, September 10- Rs 73.36/litre

Meanwhile, oil prices slid on Thursday after data showed US crude stockpiles unexpectedly rose last week, stoking concern about a sluggish recovery in fuel demand as coronavirus cases continue to surge in many countries, according to Reuters.

Brent crude futures dropped 17 cents, or 0.42 per cent to $40.62 barrel after rising 2.5 per cent on Wednesday.

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