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Pressure cooker steam to fight COVID-19! Top doctor warns against ridiculous idea

Anwesha Madhukalya     September 24, 2020

Where there is a problem, there is a jugaad by Indians. Same with the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of the "home-remedies" are yet to be scientifically proven, it has not stopped people from trying them out. In a video that has gone viral, people can be seen using "steam therapy" to keep coronavirus at bay.

In the video, a few men can be seen sitting in front of a contraption, connected to a pressure cooker. The pipes placed in front of the user's face can be seen blowing steam. A man can be heard asking the users to position their nose in front of the pipes -- indicating that inhaling the steam is effective in getting rid of coronavirus.

Filmmaker and attorney in the US, Parthiban Shanmugam shared the video and said that the latest business in India is a 'Steam Bar', where people go to inhale steam to cure coronavirus.

But does this work? Absolutely not.

University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Centre's Chief of Infectious Diseases Faheem Younus alerted people to not fall for that scam. "Let's not turn fear into business. This is completely useless," said the MD who has been working in the frontlines of the war against coronavirus.


If you have been subjected to such unscientific remedies and preventions, you can head to the World Health Organisation's (WHO) website to get a clearer idea on what the truth is. WHO has listed all sorts of myths that have been doing the rounds including how the ability to hold one's breath for 10 seconds signifies that one does not have coronavirus or that hot baths can cure COVID-19. If someone tells you to consume garlic or hot pepper to cure coronavirus, do not believe them!

The only tried and tested way of preventing coronavirus is to wear a mask when meeting people or stepping out, frequently washing hands and using sanitiser.

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