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Diesel price drops for fourth straight day, petrol remains unchanged; check latest fuel rates

BusinessToday.In     September 28, 2020

State-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) cut diesel prices for the fourth straight day in the country. In Delhi, diesel was reduced by nine paise and in Mumbai by ten paise on Monday. In the last four days, diesel has witnessed a decline of 59 paise in the national capital.  Whereas, in Mumbai, diesel was reduced by 61 paise in the same period.

At present, diesel in Delhi stands at Rs 70.71 per litre and in Mumbai at Rs 77.12 per litre.

In other metro cities, like Chennai and Kolkata, diesel rates were slashed by eight paise and nine paise, by the Indian Oil Corporation. In Hyderabad and Bengaluru, diesel was slashed by 10 paise each on Monday.

At present, diesel in Chennai is at Rs 76.19 per litre, in Kolkata Rs 74.23 per litre, in Bengaluru Rs 74.89 per litre and in Hyderabad Rs 77.10 per litre.

However, petrol has remained unchanged for the last three days. Petrol in Delhi stands at Rs 81.06 per litre and Rs 87.74 per litre in Mumbai. The price per litre of the two fuels varies from state to state because of different rates of local taxes and VAT imposed.

Check latest and revised petrol prices today

  • Price of petrol in Delhi today,  September 28- Rs 81.06 /litre
  • Price of petrol in Mumbai today, September 28-Rs 87.74/litre
  • Price of petrol in Chennai today, September 28-Rs 84.14/litre
  • Price of petrol in Kolkata today, September 28-Rs 82.59/litre
  • Price of petrol in Hyderabad today, September 28-Rs 84.25 /litre
  • Price of petrol in Bengaluru today, September 28-Rs 83.69/litre
  • Price of petrol in Gurgaon today, September 28- Rs 79.24/litre
  • Price of petrol in Noida today, September 28-Rs 81.58/litre

Check latest and revised diesel prices today

  • Price of diesel in Delhi today, September 28- Rs 70.71 /litre
  • Price of diesel in Mumbai today, September 28- Rs 77.12/litre
  • Price of diesel in Chennai today, September 28-Rs 76.19/litre
  • Price of diesel in Kolkata today, September 28- Rs74.23/litre
  • Price of diesel in Hyderabad today, September 28- Rs 77.10litre
  • Price of diesel in Bengaluru today, September 28-Rs 74.89/litre
  • Price of diesel in Gurgaon today, September 28- Rs 71.20/litre
  • Price of diesel in Noida today, September 28- Rs 71.21/litre

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