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UV devices, anti-viral paint and mattresses: Brands latch on to virus-free promise

Ajita Shashidhar     September 30, 2020

Eureka Forbes has launched Coronaguard, which can supposedly fight the deadly coronavirus with an efficacy of 99 per cent. Though the virus fighting device in due course will be available in several variants, the company has first rolled out the CG-10,000 model, which is meant for large commercial spaces such as hospitals, offices, banks and cafeterias. "Our endeavour is to first help open the economy by ensuring that workplaces are safe," says Shashank Sinha, Chief Transformation Officer, Eureka Forbes.

While one wonders whether a device can actually help fight a virus that has taken the entire world under its grip, Sinha says that the safety and efficacy of the product has been endorsed by as many as 26 laboratories across the world. He claims that Coronaguard was tested in two of Mumbai leading hospitals. "The wards which had the device reported lower infection rate among paramedics and doctors than the ward where there was no Coronaguard," claims Sinha.

Priced at Rs 20,000, the product is reportedly getting a lot of enquiries from hospitals, salons, banks and also from the manufacturing sector. "We are attempting multiple variants that will suit smaller offices, meeting rooms, homes and even cars," Sinha further adds.

While the first phase of pandemic saw the launch of sanitisers, disinfectants and even vegetable cleaners on a war-footing, as the new normal sets in, companies have fast-tracked their innovation pipeline to launch specialised products to fight the virus - from air-purifiers and disinfectant paints to virus-free mattresses. In fact, a recent KPMG report states that safety and hygiene is now the core focus of companies across sectors. "Companies not only need to include these factors across their operations, but also effectively communicate the same with consumers to build necessary confidence and trust," says the report. "Consumers are looking for products that can protect their health and ensure safety and hygiene," agrees Kamal Nandi, Business Head, Godrej Appliances.       

Godrej Appliance has recently launched Godrej Viroshield 4.0, a UV-C technology-based device which claims to disinfect 99 per cent of the COVID-19 virus in minutes. The product also claims to disinfect vegetables, grocery bags, headphones and car keys. On the other hand, paints company, Kansai Nerolac has recently launched Excel Virus Guard, which is supposed to be the country's first anti-viral paint. It promises to repel over 95 per cent germs and viruses. The company has also launched a disinfectant for walls, which helps to keep the walls protected from viruses for over 24 hours.

Mattress brand, Sleepwell, has been aggressively promoting its allergen-free Neem Fresche mattress. "Tests show that it deactivates the virus by 99 per cent. However, there is nothing called a virus-free mattress. I would rather say that it helps combating the virus," points out Rahul Gautam, MD, Sheela Foam.

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