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'Coronavirus broke out in many places last year, we only first to report,' claims China

BusinessToday.In     October 10, 2020

Refuting the widely-held view that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a lab in Wuhan, China claimed that COVID-19 broke out in multiple places but they were the first to report. China denied US' allegations on Friday and said that they were the ones to act on the outbreak first. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, "Coronavirus is a new kind of virus as more and more facts emerge as reports reveal, we all know that the epidemic broke out in various places in the world at the end of last year, while China was the first to report the outbreak, identified the pathogen and shared the genome sequence with the world," in a press briefing.

Hua's comments come after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged the ruling Communist Party of China of covering up the outbreak. China not only refuted the 'originated-in-lab' allegations but also that it started at a wet market in China. Pompeo had said at the QUAD ministerial meeting of the US, India, Australia and Japan in Tokyo that the COVID-19 crisis was "infinitely made worse" by the Chinese Communist Party's cover-up.

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The minister also said that a high-level group of Chinese scientists first identified the person-to-person transmission of coronavirus on January 19. After thorough research, China decided to close down Wuhan city and put rigorous measures in place to isolate Wuhan city and Hubei province.

Hua said that the CPC Politburo discussed the virus outbreak on the first day of the Lunar New Year in January. "On January 23 as China placed Wuhan on lockdown, there were only nine confirmed cases outside China and the US had only one. On February 2, when the US closed its border to the Chinese citizens, the US only officially confirmed a dozen cases. Now the confirmed cases in the US exceeds 7.5 million," she said.

"How could the most powerful country on earth with the best medical resources on hand screw up the tests so badly? Why didn't the US discover this virus at the earliest and why hasn't it taken prompt measures to test as many people as possible to prevent and control the spread of this virus?" Hua asked.

Meanwhile, according to Chinese media, the World Health Organisation has sent a list of global experts to Beijing who would be visiting the country to probe the origin of COVID-19. The WHO is awaiting approval.

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