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Truecaller new features for Android to include Call Reason, Schedule SMS, SMS Translate

Nidhi Singal     October 21, 2020

Truecaller, a name synonymous to caller ID and spam detection being used by 250 million users across the world, is rolling out new features to make communication efficient and safe. The three new features Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate will be made available for Android users starting today.

"We are thrilled at the launch of Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate. We have been working towards building an innovative communication suite for our users, and these three features are the next big step in line with this mission. Communication in 2020 is easier in many ways, but also complicated by the vast ways in which people connect for information. As a brand, we strive to stay true to the core principle of building a product for masses while always acting in the public interest. We are constantly listening to our users and want to help them by putting more power in their hands," Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer, Truecaller.

The new Call Reason feature will make it easier for the caller to communicate the purpose behind the call. It will help the call receiver to check and understand what the call is about, and whether the incoming call is personal, business or something urgent. With this, the new feature extends the platform's Caller ID feature to help users to send a note in their outgoing calls. Truecaller believes this new feature would enable higher pick-up rates on outgoing calls as the receiver would know "what reason the call has been placed", especially for the incoming calls from unknown numbers. Businesses will also be able to set a customised text before every call which would increase engagement with their customers. Truecaller says the new Call Reason feature was one of the most requested features in 2020 from their existing users around the world.

The new 'Schedule SMS' feature will enable users to schedule a message reminder of any event, meeting, or the groceries user needs to pick up at the end of the day. Users will be able to schedule SMS by simply selecting the icon while messaging and choosing the date and time. The message will be sent at the scheduled time, and users will always be able to see it scheduled in the chat. This feature will be available for Android users only.

Addressing language barriers, the SMS Translate feature will allow users to instantly translate the content of their messages directly in Truecaller without leaving the app. This feature will work for both SMS and instant messages (IM). The app will automatically detect if a foreign language is used in the messaging screen and will show whether the translation is available. This feature will be powered by Google's ML Kit and all messages will be processed locally on the phone. Language packs will be downloaded to the device before translation begins. Users will also be able to download additional languages to use them offline, anytime and anywhere. Even this feature will be available only on Android devices.

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