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Airtel steps into $1 billion Indian cloud communications market with the launch of Airtel IQ

Yasmin Ahmed     October 26, 2020

Airtel entered the $1 billion Indian cloud communications market with the launch of Airtel IQ on Monday. Airtel IQ is a cloud-based omni-channel communications platform that enables brands to deepen engagement with customers through timely and secure communication.

For instance, a customer ordering food through an online platform and calling the delivery agent to find out the status of her order will make use of Airtel IQ. "The entire communication is orchestrated seamlessly and securely over Airtel IQ. The communication is encrypted and all mobile and telephone numbers are masked," Airtel noted. The company further noted that with Airtel IQ, the need for multiple communication platforms for different channels is eliminated.

Businesses can embed communication services such as Voice, SMS, IVR in their applications and digital properties across desktop and mobile, all through a unified platform with just a slice of code.

Airtel IQ has been fully developed by Airtel's in-house engineering teams and highlights the company's growing digital prowess to deliver world-class solutions. "Natively integrated into telco-grade infrastructure and architected by top digital talent, Airtel IQ is robust, secure, cost-efficient and intuitive," the company noted.

Swiggy, Justdial, Urban Company, Havells, Dr Lal Path Labs and Rapido have signed up as customers for Airtel IQ during the beta phase itself.

"Seamless and secure communication between our customers, delivery partners and partner restaurants is key to our service enablement. With Airtel IQ, we have been able to deliver seamless and highly intuitive communication between all parties across our platform in a privacy contained and simplified fashion," Vivek Sunder, COO, Swiggy in a statement said.

Adarsh Nair, Chief Product Officer, Bharti Airtel said: "At Airtel, we are obsessed with solving customer problems and Airtel IQ is first amongst several game-changing products that we will be bringing to the market. Businesses are increasingly looking to cloud-based digital platforms to engage with consumers and Airtel IQ is built to raise the bar when it comes to brands delighting consumers. So, the next time you enjoy shopping online, ordering food from your favourite restaurant or hailing a ride, remember there's a bit of Airtel IQ in there making it happen seamlessly and safely."

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