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Man takes bath with milk in dairy firm, gets arrested

BusinessToday.In     November 10, 2020

A dairy plant in Turkey's Konya was shut after a short video featuring a dairy plant worker in the city taking a bath in a tub filled with milk went viral. The footage shared on TikTok, shows a man sitting in a huge tub full of milk, and using a mug to pour milk all over his head.


Konya's Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry stated that the dairy plant in question was asked to pay a fine and was closed for risking public health, according to Hurriyet Daily News. The man, who bathed in milk, was identified as Emre Sayar whereas the man who shared this video on his TikTok account was identified as Ugur Turgut. Both have been arrested.

Head of Konya's Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Ali Ergin stated that they have filed a complaint with the Chief Prosecutor's Office in Konya against the company and were also preparing to destroy all milk and milk-based products at the plant.

The officials from the company running the dairy stated that Turgut, whose contract was discontinued soon after the incident became public knowledge, did not take a dip in milk but a mixture of water and cleaning fluid. Officials further said the video aimed to "defame" the company.

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