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Zomato announces free takeaway services for restaurants

Ankita Chakravarti     November 18, 2020

Food-delivery giant Zomato on Wednesday announced that it will make takeaway services free for its restaurant partners. The company said that it will not charge any commissions. Zomato's takeaway or self-pickup service has witnessed tremendous growth with the order volume increased by more than 200% in the last few months, the company reveals.

To let the restaurants meet the demand of the customers, Zomato is waving off the commission fee. "For restaurants to be able to tap into this demand immediately, we are making our takeaway service available for free to our restaurant partners. We will not be charging any commission, and will also forego the payment gateway charges we incur on all takeaway orders," Rahul Ganjoo, VP Products, said in a blog post.

The company says that they are live with 55,000+ restaurants on takeaway across the country and are serving tens of thousands of such orders weekly. It is being looked upon as a measure to help the restaurants get back on their feet.

Customers can choose between the delivery and takeaway option given on the app. The users can also search for all restaurants offering takeaway using relevant filters on the home page of the Zomato app.

The company believes that once the takeaway charges are waived off customers "who are bored with home-cooked food will start consuming restaurant food with a safe and convenient takeaway option." "For restaurants that already serve delivery orders, takeaway provides another avenue to access more customers, and further grow their business," Ganjoo said in the blog.

The food delivery business was one of the most affected industries due to restrictions imposed because of coronavirus. Apps including Swiggy and Zomato had to let go of several employees due to lack of revenue. However, ever since the lockdown was lifted, the food-delivery apps have limped back to normalcy. WHO too had said that food delivery is safe and people should not fear food packaging.

"We have delivered over 13 crore orders since the first lockdown started in March, and there have been zero reported cases of covid transmission through food or its packaging. While the above signs have been more than encouraging, we know that: a) this growth has not been uniform, and b) the overall foodservice industry is still far from full recovery. The sector will continue to need all the help to get back to pre-covid levels," Ganjoo said.

Zomato is working closely with its restaurant partners so that they follow all the safety norms. The company has also urged users to wear masks when they step out of their homes to pick up their orders.

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