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JioPages new version allows DuckDuckGo as preferred search engine, supports short videos

Yasmin Ahmed     November 26, 2020

Last month, Jio introduced a web browser for Android users called JioPages. The company noted that the new browser focuses on data privacy and gives control to users of their information. Now, Jio has released new version of JioPages, version 2.0.1, with updates like allowing DuckDuckGo as a preferred search engine, new dedicated section for short videos and has added navigation and exit buttons.

JioPage users can now enable DuckDuckGo as the preferred search engine by clicking the bottom right hamburger icon > Settings > Quick Settings > Select Search engine. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-centric search engine that doesn't log user information and uses cookies only when required. Users can also use other search engine platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, Google etc.

Another major update that JioPages has brought is the addition of a dedicated section for short videos in the app. Short videos with up to 30 seconds will feature on this new section of the app. Users who want to view short videos can go to the Bottom Bar > Explore Section > Scroll to short videos reel > View More. The short videos will have content from entertainment, lifestyle, tech, etc which will help users discover new content from various genres.

Further, JioPages have added navigation and exit buttons. This will bring ease to the users for users to navigate within pages. To exit, users have to go to the hamburger option and tap on the exit button. The two navigation buttons are on the bottom left of the app window.

JioPages also supports dark mode for a comfortable view. "JioPages is the first Indian web browser designed to deliver a safe, fast & uninterrupted browsing experience. JioPages gives a personalized & secure web browsing experience. With this Indian browser, you can now customize your home screen, bookmark websites in Incognito mode and secure it with a pin," JioPages app page reads.

JioPages lets users browse in regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. JioPages also lets users personalise their home screens with custom quick links for quick access to favorite sites on the browser's home page. It also features 'Informative Cards' for live updates on topics of the user's choice. JioPages can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The browser is only available for Android users.

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